For the past two weeks, we've been comparing June 2018 views from Toronto's CN Tower with shots from years earlier, and we're back again today. This time we check out the birth and subsequent intensification of the South Core area. Back in October 2010, the southeast-facing view from the tower showed the area's first few high-rise developments. Maple Leaf Square and Telus House had recently completed construction, and 18 York Street was climbing to a 26-storey height. The office tower would be the first of three in the Southcore Financial Centre and Delta Toronto complex. To the right, on this side of the Gardiner Expressway, you can just make out excavation for Infinity 3 & 4, and Ïce Condominiums.

Throwback Thursday, CN Tower, Toronto, South CoreSouth Core viewed from the CN Tower, October 2010, image by Forum contributor Solaris

The same angle captured in June 2018 is barely recognizable. On the far left, a new glass enclosure has been built over a portion of Union Station's train platforms. 18 York, seen under construction in the before image, is complete and joined by the Southcore complex's second office tower and the 47-storey Delta hotel to the west. At the centre of the image, a last remaining surface parking lot in the area is now the construction site for the 16 York office tower. Infinity and Ïce Condominiums are also complete at the far right, stretching beyond the edges of the image. Ice's two towers frame the mirror-like north facade of the completed Sun Life Financial Tower at One York, while Ten York, soon o wrap up construction, can be seen on the right edge of the photo.

Throwback Thursday, CN Tower, Toronto, South CoreSouth Core viewed from the CN Tower, June 2018, image by Jack Landau

We will return next week with another look at the changing face of Toronto!