The City of Toronto is in the midst of creating a new Long-Term Financial Plan, and the upcoming second phase of public consultations will give members of the public the opportunity to share the feedback necessary in mapping out our city's financial path. The Long-Term Financial Plan helps the city guide all financial decision-making with an aim to balance the future investment needs of the city with long-term financial stability.

With an eye on the city's ongoing growth, the new plan hopes to make better use of existing tools and governance structures while implementing new ones as needed, and to apply long-term decision-making to long-term plans and finances, among other improvements. A website featuring information on the City of Toronto’s financial challenges and options to achieve long-term financial sustainability has been set up, providing further information about the plan.

City Seeking Public Input on Long-Term Financial PlanView of Toronto from the Globe and Mail Centre, image by Jack Landau

The upcoming consultation—scheduled for Saturday, April 22nd—invites members of the public to City Hall to offer perspectives on how the city can balance its books and long-term priorities, and collaborate with city staff and community organization to work on forging a financial path for Toronto. Findings from the consultation session will be used to inform City Council and the City Manager on the development of the new long-term plan.

The consultation will begin at City Hall at 12:30 PM, Saturday, April 22nd with an open house, while the consultation session, workshops, presentations, and discussions will follow between 1PM and 5PM. You can RSVP to attend the event by following this link.