As residents continue moving in to Plaza's Musée Condos, public realm improvements are adding to the street-level environment surrounding the 17-storey Quadrangle Architects-designed condominium. Along the Adelaide Street West frontage of the building's seven-storey podium, two retail spaces are currently for lease, and will eventually add a commercial presence to the street level.

Musée Condos, Plaza, Quadrangle Architects, TorontoBase of Musée Condos, image by Jack Landau

Towards the east end of the building's podium, a sheltered galleria will connect pedestrians and cyclists on Adelaide with a new 8,000 ft² landscaped public park to the south. In the past few weeks, a protective tarpaulin covering the galleria's Adelaide Street entrance was removed, revealing a view down the barrel of this illuminated space.

Musée Condos, Plaza, Quadrangle Architects, TorontoMusée Condos' ground level galleria, image by Jack Landau

A combination of copper-hued metal cladding and alternating strips of lighting take on an undulating form, punctuated by a series of sculptural columns. The space is currently lined by two rows of windows, with the west row allowing views into and from both the lobby and party room spaces. The east windows will eventually feature artworks, adding more visual interest to an already striking public space.

Musée Condos, Plaza, Quadrangle Architects, TorontoMusée Condos' ground level galleria, image by Jack Landau

A brief video of the galleria and surrounding streetscape in their current states helps to provide a better illustration of the both the galleria's undulating effect as well as its surrounding context.

At the galleria's south end, the site of the future public park is in a state of flux. Crews recently tore up the paved surface, which was used as a staging area during the project's construction. With the tower now practically complete aside for some remaining interior finishes, the bulk of exterior construction activity has now shifted to preparing the park space. The image below shows the current state of construction, with the galleria passage in the background. Fronting a short north-south roadway known as Adelaide Place, the park's somewhat cloistered location will be complemented by a conspicuous connection to Adelaide Street, hopefully bringing greater activity to the site.

Musée Condos, Plaza, Quadrangle Architects, TorontoFuture park at the rear of Musée Condos, image by Jack Landau

Additional information and renderings can be found in the project's dataBase file, linked below. Want to get involved in the discussion? Check out the associated Forum threads, or leave a comment using the field provided at the bottom of this page.

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