A resurgence in new-build rental housing continues throughout Toronto, evidenced by new rental towers springing up in various neighourhoods across the city. Just north of the intersection of Yonge and Eglinton in Midtown, a new luxury rental tower will incorporate a significant heritage facade retention and pay homage to a site with great importance to local and Canadian history. Now under construction on Yonge between Montgomery and Helendale, Rockport Group's Montgomery Square will rise 27 storeys from behind the 1936 limestone facade of the former Postal Station K.

The former post office is one of the few buildings to bear the Royal Crest of King Edward VIII, who would abdicate the throne after less than a year. The building was itself located on the former location of Montgomery's Tavern, site of a pivotal event during the Upper Canada Rebellion in 1837, and namesake of both the project and one of its bounding streets. Demolition of the less significant mid-century addition at the rear of the building was carried out between late-2014 and mid-2015 to make way for the site's shoring and excavation. 

Montgomery Square, Rockport Group, RAW Design, TorontoCrane standing over the preserved Postal Station K facade, image by Jack Landau

Shoring started in late-Summer 2015, and was completed for the start of excavation in early Fall of that same year. By mid-March 2016, excavation of the site had bottomed out, and was completed in early Spring. By July, forming of the project's four-level underground parking garage was well underway, and a crane had been installed. As of this week, work on forming the columns and walls of the building's P2 level are in progress, to be followed by the P1 level above, and the project's arrival back at grade level.

Montgomery Square, Rockport Group, RAW Design, TorontoP2 level taking shape at Montgomery Square, image by Jack Landau

Once completed, the 233-unit development's re-purposed heritage frontage will support 20,000 ft² of retail and restaurant space, fronting onto a re-imagined version of the former public plaza that was closed when construction began at the end of 2014. 25 more storeys, with architecture by RAW Design, will soar above.

Montgomery Square, Rockport Group, RAW Design, TorontoMontgomery Square, image courtesy of Rockport Group

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