At the March meeting of the City of Toronto's Design Review Panel, a bulky 23-storey proposal stretching from Adelaide to Richmond west of Power Street was assessed by the panelists. While the scale of the project was regarded as a questionable fit for the urban context, the panel praised the public realm contributions planned at street level, which introduced new retail, landscaping and public space, along with an improved connection to the neighbouring Orphan's Green Park. 

48 Power Street, Toronto, by Hullmark, Great GulfThe previous iteration of 48 Power, image via submission to the City of Toronto

Then, in October, a revamped 21-storey iteration of Great Gulf Homes and Hullmark's full block project launched its marketing campaign as home: Power and Adelaide. while revealing a visually scaled down design that reduces the project's apparent bulk, the new design maintains much of the street-level experience and public realm improvements previously proposed. 

 Power and Adelaide, Toronto, by Great Gulf, HullmarkThe revamped home: Power and Adelaide, image courtesy of Great Gulf / Hullmark

Architecturally, the Core Architects-designed building's lower levels meet the scale and aesthetic of nearby warehouse properties, attempting to foster a pedestrian experience that reflect's Corktown's existing character. At street level, much the building is also lined with new retail, animating its surroundings. Facing Power Street and Orphan's Green, a sizeable retail space—which, as suggested in community consultations, could house a grocery store—could enliven the quiet street.

 Power and Adelaide, Toronto, by Great Gulf, HullmarkThe Power Street frontage, image courtesy of Great Gulf / Hullmark

With much of the retail space—and the main residential entrance—planned on Power Street, an intimate but active experience is planned across the street from the park. While the earlier proposal called for new paving to link the park with the building's Power Street frontage, widened sidewalks and improved landscaping should improve connectivity to the park. 

 Power and Adelaide, Toronto, by Great Gulf, HullmarkLooking south on Power Street, existing context, image via Google Maps

Encircling the site, a landscaping plan—appointed by Toronto's Ferris + Associates Inc.—will provide the customary sidewalk enhancements that typically accompany development, together with new plantings. At the south end of the Power Street frontage, a small greenscaped plaza (below) will also provide an on-site public space, and a gateway to the park across the street. 

 Power and Adelaide, Toronto, by Great Gulf, HullmarkThe south end of the Power Street frontage, image courtesy of Great Gulf / Hullmark

We will keep you updated as more information about the 550-unit project becomes available, and the planning process continues. Meanwhile, additional information about the suite, amenities, and interiors is available in our earlier story. To learn more about the project, make sure to check out our associated dataBase file, linked below. Want to share your thoughts? Leave a comment in the space below, or join the ongoing conversation in our dedicated Forum thread.