On Toronto's northern edge, the commercial business park known as SteelesTech Campus Master is preparing for a major expansion. A master plan for the site has been evolving since 1998, when Urban Design Guidelines were prepared for the block bounded by Steeles Avenue, Victoria Park, and Highway 404 as part of the initial development of the commercial property. These guidelines anticipated the building out of the campus-like site with a total of six buildings across an eight year timeframe.

A site plan was approved the following year, with amendments following in 2001 and 2002. This resulted in the creation of two new roads (Call Net Drive and Sprint Canada Drive) and three development parcels (A, B, and C). Recently, site owners STC Investments Nominee Inc. filed to amend the Site Plan Agreement once again, with the intention of developing a 21,516 square metre data storage facility at the southeast quadrant of parcel A—slated to begin construction next year.

Aerial view of subject site, image retrieved from Apple MapsAerial view of subject site, image retrieved from Apple Maps

The new Master Development Plan by Giannone Petricone Architects Inc. involves major changes to the Parcel A plan in response to changes in market conditions and planning policy, including the identification of a potential hotel site along the site's Highway 404 frontage. As part of the plan, Parcel B would remain undeveloped other than for surface parking, while Parcel C was recently acquired by the Federal Government, and is no longer considered part of the surrounding Corporate Centre.

The site currently has four buildings with commercial office space, and is now prepared to grow again with the addition of eight new structures (including the aforementioned data storage facility) on land currently mostly left as undeveloped green space. If built out according to the latest plan, the site would contain 1,169 square metres of retail (at 1% of the total GFA), 74,139 square metres of office space (at 68% of total GFA), 20,644 square metres of industrial space (19% of total GFA), and 13,252 square metres of institutional/other spaces (12% of total GFA).

Northeast aerial, SteelesTech CampusNortheast aerial, SteelesTech Campus, image retrieved from submission to City of Toronto

The proposed low-rise 'Building A'—a stand-alone restaurant—would occupy the northeast corner of Parcel A, at the intersection of Steeles and Call Net Drive. To the west, the north side of Parcel A would also include single-storey restaurant spaces in the adjacent Buildings B, C, D, and E. Surface parking would be provided.

Though the entire north frontage of the site will be set back from Steeles Avenue by landscaping, the introduction of restaurant spaces in proximity to the street would begin to create a relationship between the site and its surroundings.

Southeast aerial, SteelesTech CampusSoutheast aerial, SteelesTech Campus, image retrieved from submission to City of Toronto

Along the site's west edge against Highway 404, Building G is proposed as a 12-storey hotel.

Rendering of the hotel component, SteelesTech CampusRendering of the hotel component, image retrieved from submission to City of Toronto

The tallest structure proposed within the plan is Building F, an office building in the site's interior just northeast of the Building G site.

Rendering of Building F, SteelesTech CampusRendering of Building F, image retrieved from submission to City of Toronto

The site would be served by a combined 2,701 parking spaces, divided between a below-grade parking structure containing 1,348 spaces, as well as 1,353 surface spaces.

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