If you are heading to Toronto, whether for business or pleasure, be aware that a hotel room isn’t your only option for accommodations. You might want to consider a furnished apartment instead, as it offers many advantages. Let’s look into some of the reasons to choose a furnished apartment rental in Toronto over a hotel. 

There is a Full Kitchen

One of the main advantages of a furnished apartment is that it will have a fully equipped kitchen, so you will be able to save money on dining out in restaurants by cooking your own meals

You will be able to eat to your own tastes, which is handy when you have allergies or dietary preferences. There’s also the convenience factor of being able to quickly make yourself some breakfast in the morning so that you can get on your way and start your day. 

 Why Choose a Furnished Apartment Rental Over a Hotel?Fully Equipped Kitchen, Hullmark Centre – North York, image courtesy of DelSuites

Separate Rooms

Having a separate living, dining and bedroom is a huge advantage. You won’t have to eat on the bed like you would in a hotel room – and if one partner is a night owl and the other an early bird, you won’t keep each other up. 

You’ll have plenty of space to lounge without disturbing each other. Usually a furnished apartment is around twice the size of a hotel room. Plus, you’ll have your own private balcony where you can admire the view of the city. 

Save Money

Often renting a furnished apartment is cheaper than a hotel, especially when you are splitting the cost between two or more people. Also, if you are staying for several months, you may qualify for a reduced rate. 

Of course, you can also factor in the money you will save by cooking your own meals and not having to eat in a restaurant every night. With such a great savings and so many advantages over a hotel, the furnished apartment rental has a lot of appeal. 

Convenient Location

Another perk of staying in a furnished apartment in Toronto is that they are very conveniently located, so you will be within close proximity to transit, attractions, shopping and dining. This saves you the time you spend walking around or the money you would have spent on a taxi.

Usually the locations are carefully chosen to make sure that they are situated in the best possible areas so that you can reach everything quickly and conveniently. 

 Why Choose a Furnished Apartment Rental Over a Hotel?Separate Living and Dining Areas, Skymark - Mississauga, image courtesy of DelSuites

Added Value Perks

To make this option even sweeter, there may be extra perks included in the rates such as picking you up at the airport, free car parking and baby proofing the suite if you are travelling with your little ones. Also, your stay at one of these suites will include usage of the superb building amenities including billiards, fitness centres and swimming pools. 

These are just a few of the reasons why a furnished apartment is a better option than a hotel room for your stay in Toronto.