In November of 2009 Great Gulf Homes announced it would be building a condo on the east side of Sherbourne Common as part of WaterfronToronto's regeneration of the area. The design was by Moshe Safdie backed by Toronto's Quadrangle Architects, with an initial point-tower-on-a-podium design that held faint echoes of Safdie's world famous Habitat '67 in its balcony gardens. Since then though, we had seen no progress on the project. With a recent visit to the WaterfronTO's Design Review Panel, we have a new desgin to show you.

Before that though, we have a reminder of the location of the Monde condo within the context of the East Bayfront redevelopment area, and a replay of the old plan, one more time, for perspective.

That's Sherbourne Common Park running along the west side of Monde down to the lake. Bayside is the parcel that developer Hines and architects Pelli Clarke Pelli will tackle. Dockside is the parcel where Corus Quay, George Brown College, and Sugar Beach are located. Development at Quayside has not been announced yet.

Mondo Condo Toronto By Great Gulf Homes

This is what was to be. The first plan for the building showed lines of trees marching up the building's sides. Say goodbye...

Mondo Condo Toronto By Great Gulf Homes

And say hello: Parkside has been transformed.

Mondo Condo Toronto By Great Gulf Homes

It appears that this building's twin signatures on the skyline will be its flatiron wedge shape, and its balconies, with alternating perpendicular cantilevers. Wow. Not for those with a fear of heights.

Mondo Condo Toronto By Great Gulf Homes

This is back down, firmly on the ground, looking south from Lake Shore Boulevard.

Parkside Condo Street Level Looking SouthSafdie Architects

At mid-block, you will be able to walk through the building.

Parkside Condo Outdoor AtriumSafdie Architects

Close to the south end here, and looking north along the east side of Sherbourne Common and its water features. The Parkside building provides street-side retail and restaurant space. There are two similar views here, not quite identical. The first is the version from WaterfrontToronto, the second from Safdie Architect's website. We know which one we like better, and which one we suspect we are getting. Either way, the public realm here looks pretty terrific.

Parkside Condo Ped-Walk RealitySafdie Architects (WaterfronToronto)

Parkside Condo Ped-Walk DreamSafdie Architects

We will finish it off with an evening look at the south end of the project, and its ziggurat-like internal atrium.

Parkside Condo NightimeSafdie Architects

We are looking forward to this building coming to market. What do you think about the plan so far? Leave a comment here, or click on the link below to join in the discussion at UrbanToronto's thread for the project.

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