We end the week with a Photo Of The Day that's not entirely a photo based on a Photo Of The Day that we ran back on Tuesday. Here we get a view of what forum member Traynor thinks the Yonge and Bloor skyline will look like circa 2015 if everything planned or under-construction is completed.

Yonge and Bloor skyline in 2015 in Toronto.Yonge and Bloor Skyline in 2015, image by Traynor.

Traynor explains:

Well, here's a rough first start at that Yorkville skyline I promised... I got really tired of drawing buildings and I got lazy. I probably only added half of what everyone has been talking about but here goes, from left to right I added: 609 Sherbourne (rough guess), X2 (X is hidden behind 403 Bloor), 403 Bloor Street East, Couture, Chaz, As a place holder I put in CASA II for 42 Charles Street East at approx. 220 Meters, U Condos II and I, One Bloor Street East, Cumberland Terrace I and II, Four Seasons Hotel & Residences, Milan Residences, The Florian (look close there is only a sliver of it.) and Yorkville Residences. Phew!!!!

Phew indeed!!!! Great work Traynor and androiduk. We can't wait to see this in person come 2015. Original photo by forum member androiduk for comparison.

Yonge and Bloor skyline in TorontoOriginal image by androiduk