While you've no doubt seen countless images of downtown Toronto's skyline, chances are you haven't seen much of the suburban centres that dot our urban landscape. UrbanToronto's "Toronto Skylines" thread has some great images of these sporadic centres, which are the focus of our story today.

Etobicoke Centre, circa 2005: 

Etobicoke Centre SkylineEtobicoke Centre Skyline, 2005

...and 5 years later:

Etobicoke Centre SkylineEtobicoke Centre Skyline, Now


Weston, TorontoWeston Skyline

Jane & Finch: 

Jane & Finch, TorontoJane & Finch Skyline


Wynford, TorontoWynford Skyline

York Heights: 

York Heights, TorontoYork Heights Skyline

Scarborough Centre: 

Scarborough, TorontoScarborough Centre Skyline


Rexdale, TorontoRexdale Skyline

Don Valley Village: 

Don Valley Village, TorontoDon Valley Village Skyline


Dentonia, TorontoDentonia Skyline


Parkdale, TorontoParkdale Skyline


Kingsview/Dixon, TorontoKingsview/Dixon Skyline

and Etobicoke Centre again:

Etobicoke CentreEtobicoke Centre Skyline

...and even some more can be found here.