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Discussion in 'Retail' started by CliffColeclough, Mar 28, 2005.

  1. I use to thoroughly enjoy this place when I worked up in Yorkville. I now work in the downtown core - and one of these places recently opened up in the TD Centre Food Court. It is quite enjoyable. The sauce is addicting.

    Anyone else enjoy going to any of the Hero Burger locals around the city?

  2. I wonder if the TD food court does better business now that the other one, where they built Bymark, closed? It used to be fairly quiet, probably because it was at the "end of the line" as far as PATH is concerned.

    And, when that woman was shot at by her husband in the TD food court, did it hurt business or attract more?
  3. I've been to the Yonge & St.Clair location a few times. Quality all around: good beef, large selection of fine garnishes, and I agree that the sauce takes the whole mess to a better place. Very good fries too. This place is a winner.

    Groucho's on Bayview is good, too. And Big Stan's across from CityTV. And Apache near Kipling subway.
  4. Darkstar416

    Darkstar416 Guest

    Couldn't agree more!

    simply Dan introduced me to this place last weeekend and I'm still raving about it. Apparently it's the same ownership as the also very-good Lettieri.

    An article...

    Toronto Business Times
  5. ecsider

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    i pass by the CP tower foodcourt quite a bit, now i have to try Hero Burgers.

    Anyone mildly surprised by the reno of the CP tower foodcourt? Big improvement from before.

    And the shooting that occurred last summer was a blip, an anomaly, the traffic has not changed.
  6. nassauone

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    Quick Hero Burger update. Opening soon on Queen W and Palmerston. I have no idea what Hero Burgers are but thanks to that talk hear I cannot wait to try them!
  7. cdl42

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    That Queen and Palmerston one says "opening March 2005".
  8. That new Hero Burger is opening up in the old Volcano room under the Heart Break Hotel (yes literally called the Heart Break Hotel, the neon sign is still there). I wonder if they are going to incorporate the GoGo dancer steel birdcages into the interior design?
  9. Darkstar416

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    That spot has gone through so many incarnations. From The Boom Boom Room to Fat City to the Volcano Room and now to Hero Burger (and a few inbetween that I can't particularly remember).
  10. BuildTO

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    We (cdl, spm, ganj, and myself) just tried the St. Clair location, and enjoyed it very much. The only problem is the hours: the TD Centre and Yorkville locations are not open for dinner, so we had to go all the way up to St. Clair.

    Great burgers, decent fries, and I like the bottomless pop.

    I'll be happy to go back.
  11. I always wondered where the boom boom room was.
  12. ganjavih

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    Yeah, I'll definitely go back.
  13. JoeyCuppa

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    Ate at the Yonge/St.Clair location a few weeks ago. I wasn't really impressed. They tasted like President's Choice burgers - very good, but nothing special.
  14. Chuck100

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    I recently went to a Hero's for lunch. Definitely very good hamburgers for a fast food chain, but Harveys is still the undisputed king in my opinion. Long live the grill!
  15. On a slight tangent, I see that Gerry Thomas, the inventor of the TV Dinner, has died. When la famille Babel came to Canada in 1970 there were so many new and thrilling things to get used to - and TV Dinners were right up there with the best of them.

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