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Thread: South Beach Condos & Lofts (Amexon Development Group) - Real Estate -

  1. Default South Beach Condos & Lofts (Amexon Development Group) - Real Estate -

    Hello Urban Toronto Forum.

    I would like to extend the VIP BROKER PRESALE invitation for SOUTH BEACH CONDOS + LOFTS to all the Members and Guests of this forum.

    South Beach Condos + Lofts is a Brand new Lakefront development by Amexcon Developments. Two 27 story glass towers fronting the Lake,

    With great amenities including the The Shore Club, which is a full floor of unique lifestyle amenities, South Beach Condos + Lofts rivals the world's finest five-star resorts. Let the cares of the day evaporate in the steam room, plunge into the pool after a yoga session or soak up the sun on the cabana deck. Indulge in an aromatherapy massage to soothe body.

    The Ocean Drive lounge is this residence's social hub. A place to entertain your guests. A place to play a round of pool on the billiards table or surf the web in the internet lounge. A place to cheer your team on to victory in the Hollywood-style screening room. A place to host a private party for friends. A place to cater to an ideal social experience without having to leave home

    Units start at 188 900 and Include Parking and Locker.

    Call or email me to obtain more information and floorplans for this development. Jason Roti. 416 823 7078

    We have VIP BROKER Access and will get you the unit that you want. Call today to register as our VIP Client.


    Jason Roti

    Thank you to the Urban Toronto Forum for letting me advertise this on your site....
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    Heres the info page we have provided. With floor plans!


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    The Vip event will take place in the second week of July.

    Also, we spoke with some of the sales reps today, and they are having some delays with the massive sales center that they are constructing....I lost a good suit at the California Condos VIP event due to wet paint and no sign......I think ill wear a golf shirt to this one.

    I'll keep you posted as more news, and price lists become avaliable.

    If anyone has more questions about this project then pm me or post one on the board.....

    Floorplans and more info right here http

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    The VIP event is this Wednesday, If anyone on here wants to come check it out, pm me and I'll add you to my guest list...You have to see how massive the sales center is.

    Prices at this event start at $186 900 and include parking and locker.

    PM me if you want the full price list.

    If you want to check it out, and you have no desire to purchase, thats cool. let me know and I ll add you to the list.

    If your interested in purchasing, and would like me to reserve a unit for you, for Wednesday, and insure you get the unit you like, then call 416 823 7078 asap, to reserve your unit prior to Wednesday.

    Thanks for letting me post this.....Anyone on the forum is more then welcome to come and experience this massive event, and enjoy some of the free nosh that will be provided....

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    This article has confused me. They say:

    "Etobicoke York Community Council's decision Tuesday, June 9 in support of the Official Plan and zoning amendments permits construction of a 34-storey residential tower connected to a commercial building by a two-storey podium fronting on Lake Shore Boulevard West east of Park Lawn Road."


    "At present, the property is the site of a two-storey motel and office."

    South Beach is ON Parklawn and does not front onto Lake Shore. Also, the site was never a two-storey motel and office.

    None the less, good job for South Beach going ahead so far...good to see the area developing!

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    Default South Beach Condos

    that article is for the future SB condo on the lakeshore (same south beach theme/same builder)... it's one of the properties on motel strip...

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    Borisp, do you work for the builder? The ads are interesting - I recall seeing an ad for SB within the past couple of months, saying that they were 80% sold - now they are saying 'Sold Out' - That would be pretty amazing in this economy. Was there a blowout that I missed? lol

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    I don't think positive posts about a project necessarily equate to a member working for that particular builder .... I'm pretty sure Borisp is an happy purchaser @ South Beach ... as was demostrated in earlier post:

    Quote Originally Posted by borisp View Post
    September 26, 2008

    Ever since I visited south beach sales center, I couldn't stop thinking about it...this design hit the spot...plus I love that area... what kept me from not getting a unit until yesterday was the waterscapes condo... i knew that the price per sqft would be higher because of the better location but was kinda hoping for something nice/cheap with a view... the waterscapes package that i received from my broker confirmed what i actually suspected... (will update waterscapes thread with this info)...

    SO i kinda felt good and finally went back to south beach sales center and bought myself a nice unit with southeast exposure (city/lake view) on a high floor (which means I'm getting all those finishes that you see at the sales center (hopefully) )...
    apparently they are breaking grounds in a few months (early 2009) and occupancy date is scheduled for 2010 but you never know... i snapped a few pictures and will post them later today...
    i think i made a good decision...

    I'm betting that $700 billion bailout plan works out...

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    Quote Originally Posted by borisp View Post
    that article is for the future SB condo on the lakeshore (same south beach theme/same builder)... it's one of the properties on motel strip...
    I visited their website and all it says is "The vibe of South Beach comes alive at Park Lawn and Lakeshore." There is no map to pin point the location. The renderings are the same as before except for a couple new ones that show the towers near the lake...

    How can they build the same exact building a block away, that doesn't make any sense (no to me at least).

    Also, it says pre-register for the second and final tower... I am confused

    Any one willing to elaborate?


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    by the Humber


    Illustrators, working with guns held to their head by developer's marketing teams (yes, they are ruthless), will often paint the buildings as if they are surrounded by pristine, verdant parkland, with sparkling, life-giving waters lapping playfully on their very doorstep...

    or in others words, those are the same buildings in the new rendering that they have been selling all along, with a lot of marketing license added to the visual mix: it's spin.

    End of confusion?


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    Thanks I42, I am all cleared up now

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    Of course - people have asked me many times if I work for particular builders when I write positive posts - I was asking based on the info that was written, as well as the pictures in their photo gallery

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    Congrads on Tower one being sold out...honestly Im very surprise they sold out this year,so many towers in and around the GTA is having a hard time even breaking %70....its really good to see that this area is getting noticed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ducati0000 View Post
    honestly Im very surprise they sold out this year,so many towers in and around the GTA is having a hard time even breaking %70.
    Real estate.....Thats all changing with the current low intrest rates.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Automation Gallery View Post
    Real estate.....Thats all changing with the current low intrest rates.
    ok.....interest rates could be %0 but if you do not have a job or job security it doesnt matter does it.I think the area is getting notice since most of the prime land downtown is taken and buyers are looking at alternatives.If only Christies is sold which they will be this area is ripe for some creative planning.

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