More Zoning By-law Amendment applications have been submitted for more stations along the upcoming Ontario Line 3, The Transit-Oriented Community (TOC) program aims to improve how redevelopment of the land near the new stations is integrated with them and the urban fabric around them while addressing development goals. Today, UrbanToronto highlights the Gerrard-Carlaw South TOC, located in South Riverdale. Designed by SvN for Infrastructure Ontario and Metrolinx, the site will have quick access to Gerrard station.

Axonometric view looking northwest of the Gerrard-Carlaw South TOC, designed by SvN for Infrastructure Ontario and Metrolinx

The Zoning By-law Amendments here call for a mixed-use development set to transform two blocks on the west side of Carlaw Avenue between Gerrard and Dickens streets. The eastern Badgerow, Carlaw & Thackeray Block at 388 Carlaw Avenue currently hosts an industrial warehouse complex with a variety of commercial units, while the western Dickens Block parcel at 10 Dickens Avenue serves as a surface parking lot. Together, these sites encompass approximately 20,800m².

Axonometric view of the Badgerow, Carlaw & Thackeray Block, designed by SvN for Infrastructure Ontario and Metrolinx

For the east block plan features mixed-use buildings including towers of 11 (45.68m), 12 (46.3m), and 23 (79.08m) storeys. Additionally, a 7-storey office building would add to the site's diverse use profile. In total, this segment would house 569 residential units. The buildings are shorter where they are closer to low-rise homes to the east across Carlaw.

The design incorporates 1,193m² of indoor and 1,098m² of outdoor amenity areas. With 11 elevators across the four towers, there would be approximately one elevator for every 52 units indicating brief waits. Two levels of underground garage would provide 213 resident parking spots, and 73 for retail and office use. The plan accommodates 539 long-term and 64 short-term bicycle parking spaces, alongside dedicated spots for retail, office, and general commerce.

Looking southwest to the Badgerow, Carlaw & Thackeray Block, designed by SvN for Infrastructure Ontario and Metrolinx

The property at 388 Carlaw Avenue is listed on the City’s Heritage Register. Originally housing the Jefferson Glass Company Limited, the building is primarily constructed of brick masonry, and characterized by its distinct industrial architecture, including two large brick chimneys. The proposal calls for in-situ retention of key heritage features.

Looking southwest to 388 Carlaw Avenue, image from Google Maps

To the west, the Dickens Block is set to house towers of 30 (103.43m) and 39 (130.83m) storeys. These high-rises would collectively add 745 residential units to the community. There would be 1,465m² of indoor and 1,055m² of outdoor amenity areas. Seven elevators are planned across both towers, resulting in about one elevator for every 106 units, and therefore longer waits. Provisions are included for 223 residential parking spots across two underground levels. Along with 671 long-term and 85 short-term bicycle spots, plus additional spaces for retail and office use.

Looking northwest to the Dickens Block, designed by SvN for Infrastructure Ontario and Metrolinx

Central to SvN's design philosophy for the Gerrard-Carlaw South TOC are seven key objectives: enhancing site edge conditions, integrating rail safety infrastructure such as a crash wall, melding with the cityscape, crafting an attractive public realm, respecting historical elements, offering diverse employment opportunities, and providing a variety of housing options, including family-sized units.

Axonometric view of the Dickens Block, designed by SvN for Infrastructure Ontario and Metrolinx

Toronto's TOC program aligns with similar successful models in cities like Vancouver, London, and Tokyo, focusing on creating vibrant, mixed-use communities centred around transit hubs. Gerrard-Carlaw South, in particular, offers a blend of residential units, commercial opportunities, and direct connections to the upcoming Ontario Line 3. Bus and streetcar routes serve the station as well, providing more transit connectivity, while bicycle lanes on local streets ensure that residents and visitors can easily navigate beyond their own neighbourhood.

Looking north to 10 Dickens Street, image from Google Maps

Situated within 200m of Gerrard Station, once Line 3 is operational around 2031, residents of and visitors to the TOC will enjoy quick transit access to and from various parts of the city, especially the environs of the new transit line that will run 15.6km from Exhibition Place/Ontario Place to the Ontario Science Centre.

Surrounding developments, highlighting the upcoming Ontario Line, image from submission to City of Toronto

The Gerrard-Carlaw South TOC is nearby multiple current developments that are contributing to the area's evolving character. Directly across from it is The Carlaw at 345 Carlaw Avenue, a development completed in 2015, which transformed an industrial complex into a 12-storey residential building with ground-floor commercial spaces including a new live theatre venue. To the north, the 4-storey Elevate at Logan and 6-storey Lofthouse on Logan, completed in 2023 and 2022 respectively, add to the residential diversity of the area. Northeast of Gerrard station, another TOC for Gerrard-Carlaw North is proposed to accommodate 1,080 residential units.

UrbanToronto will continue to follow progress on this development, but in the meantime, you can learn more about it from our Database file, linked below. If you'd like, you can join in on the conversation in the associated Project Forum thread or leave a comment in the space provided on this page.

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