Downtown Toronto’s cityscape continues to evolve with a flurry of new developments, each bringing a unique character and contribution to the urban fabric. Among these is the IMMIX rental development at 480 Yonge Street, a project helmed by the QuadReal Property Group, and designed by architects—Alliance. This 39-storey rental tower marries modern residential and commercial spaces with a rich historical narrative, offering a new lens through which to experience Toronto's vibrant downtown core, enriched by the restoration of the 19th-century clock tower onsite.

Looking west to IMMIX at dusk, designed by architects—Alliance for QuadReal Property Group

IMMIX, currently in its final phase of construction, stands tall at 131m/430 ft and comprises 39 storeys, housing a total of 451 residential units. The development is carved out to offer a range of one to three-bedroom residential units, alongside 7,600 ft² of indoor amenity area. These include an official Hammer Strength® training facility, SpinScape cycle studio, a yoga den, aqua deck, a variety of lounge spaces, co-working spaces and Paws and Suds pet washing station. The exterior extends the engagement with 4,960 ft² of outdoor amenity area.

The layout of the fourth floor, image courtesy of QuadReal

Adding to the urban blend is 12,068 ft² of retail space and 11,955 ft² of office space, knitting IMMIX seamlessly into the bustling activity along Yonge Street.

The lobby interior, image courtesy of QuadReal

One of the spotlight features of IMMIX is its retention and restoration of the iconic clock tower, a landmark rooted in Toronto’s architectural lineage since 1872 as part of Fire Hall Number 3. The tower witnessed the city's socio-cultural evolution, especially during the late 1960s to 1987, when it neighboured The St Charles Tavern, a notable gathering spot in the LGBTQ2S+ community.

In-suite living room and kitchen area, image courtesy of QuadReal

A Heritage Toronto plaque commemorating the St Charles Clock Tower has recently been installed on the site. The meticulous restoration of the clock tower was led by ERA Architects, whose expertise breathed new life into this historical landmark while preserving its original features.

The restoration entailed refurbishing the original clock face and restoring the bricks that had weathered the passage of time. The restored clock tower, alongside an etched glass depiction of the original firehall on the building’s facade, stands as a tribute to Toronto’s past while aligning with the city's inclusive ethos.

The restored clock tower, image by Craig White

Beyond structural restoration, IMMIX fosters a dialogue with history and community through an engaging art program. Public art and commissioned pieces from LGBTQ2S+ artists adorn the development, weaving a narrative that echoes the broader community’s journey. Notably, Winnipeg-born artist Micah Lexier’s ‘City of Words’ installation beckons an interactive experience, inviting closer inspection to discover hidden messages within its casted stainless-steel letters, its text crafted by Derek McCormack. The piece is located on the clock tower and laneway.

Looking southwest to the ‘City of Words' art piece by Micah Lexier, image courtesy of QuadReal

In response to the City of Toronto's requirements for heritage sites and sustainable transit, QuadReal's strategy is to focus on modern, transit-oriented, and mixed-use urban densification, aided by active engagement with tenants, municipalities, and business partners. This is evident in IMMIX's heritage restoration and its 3-minute walking distance from College station on Yonge Line 1.

Looking southeast to the ‘City of Words' art piece by Micah Lexier, image courtesy of QuadReal

As the project nears completion, it is opening its doors for occupancy with residents beginning to move in. IMMIX stands as a development cultivating a space of inclusivity and historical reverence, underscoring the multi-dimensional growth trajectory of Toronto’s downtown core.

The east elevation and clock tower, designed by architects—Alliance for QuadReal Property Group

Those interested can learn more about IMMIX on its official website.

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