Sustainability is more than a trendy buzzword; it is a necessary transition towards a future where urban living and the natural world support one another. Amexon Development Corporation's The Residences at Central Park is a pioneering response to the growing calls from both the City of Toronto and environmental activists for more sustainable urban development. Nestled at the northwest corner of Leslie Street and Sheppard Avenue East, the 12-acre master-planned community is intended to stand as a beacon of sustainable living, championing a game-changing initiative — comprehensive Electric Vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure.

Looking northeast to The Residences at Central Park designed by Core Architects for Amexon

In a recent interview, Ashling Evans, Amexon’s General Manager of Development, reflected on the initial phases of the project. "It presented us with a real challenge. From the initial conception we were looking ahead and knew we wanted to include EV charging stations in all areas of the development."

Evans elaborated on Amexon's ambitious goal of installing EV infrastructure in all of its parking spaces: "We wanted to be industry-leading as the first large-scale project in Canada — or even North America — to include EV charging stations in all parking spaces. That meant for all residents, visitors and office tenants, and retail patrons for the restaurants and cafes."

Electric vehicle charging station, image courtesy of Amexon

Collaborative efforts with electrical engineers and Toronto Hydro, intricate shared-load calculations, smart metering, and cutting-edge app-usage payment solutions reflect the planning involved. The goal of installing over 1,500 stations for the parking spots is far and above the scope of EV station installations that most developments offer. Evans commented further on the current reality, that a staggering 60% surge in EV sales the previous year juxtaposed with the stark reality that "condominium owners cannot get EV charging to their parking spaces at 95 per cent of condo developments." 

A member of the Canada Green Building Council, Amexon has always adopted eco-friendly technologies into their practices, from green roofs and rainwater retrieval to next-generation mechanical systems. Evans emphasized that "the number one green issue in a lot of buyer’s minds is EV availability. They want to be in step with the EV trend of the car manufacturing industry — and we want to be there with them."

An aerial view looking east of The Residences at Central Park designed by Core Architects for Amexon

This initiative's ramifications go beyond mere energy savings. By creating an environment that nurtures the adoption of sustainable practices and offers easy access to EV charging stations, the buyer and the community at large stand to benefit. Evan's concluded that "creating a seamless EV user experience will encourage use. So the buyer wins, and the environment wins."

 With Highway 401 and the Don Valley Parkway in close proximity, electric vehicle users at the site can expect seamless connectivity. The nearby Bayview Village Shopping Centre will be any easy drive, or ride too: Central Park's adjacency to TTC buses, to Leslie subway station on Sheppard Line 4, and the soon-to-be relocated Oriole GO station will not only accentuate the ease of commuting and generally moving about while making an eco-friendly lifestyle easier.

Leslie and Oriole GO stations located beside Central Park, image courtesy of Amexon

Once complete, the  Core Architects-designed Central Park community will consist of five towering structures with heights ranging from 12 to 31 storeys. Together, the towers will house 1,478 units. At Central Park Common — a thoughtfully landscaped urban park with features that include summertime reflective pools that allow skating in the winter, will also be programmed for events such as farmers’ markets — every element is crafted to enhance community bonding while echoing the importance of sustainability. Indoors, The Park Club is set to be a haven for residents, boasting an expansive 5,110m² of amenity space and an added 465m² dedicated as a co-working facility.

Central Park Common, image courtesy of Amexon

UrbanToronto will continue to follow progress on this development, but in the meantime, you can learn more about it from our Database file, linked below. If you'd like, you can join in on the conversation in the associated Project Forum thread or leave a comment in the space provided on this page.

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