Over the past year, the second phase of Vision at Pat Bayly Square has been evolving on the southwest corner of Bayly Street West and Harwood Avenue South in Ajax. Just a 5-minute drive from the Ajax GO station, the residential rental project by Medallion Corporation and designed by Arcadis — the Amsterdam-based global firm that acquired Toronto-based IBI Group in Fall 2022 — is well-positioned in the heart of the Eastern GTA town. The site for the future 19- and 23-storey buildings is advancing steadily, following in the footsteps of its predecessor, Phase 1, which was completed in 2020.

Looking north to Vision at Pat Bayly Square Phase 2, designed by Arcadis for Medallion Corporation

In September 2022, early construction efforts for the second phase can be seen in the southward view below, with excavation complete and foundational operations in progress. The shoring system employs wooden pile and lagging walls along the west elevation, standing firm as the groundwork begins. A prominent white crane tower marks the site, while rows of concrete pillars with rebar emerging from their tops, punctuate the ground. Wooden structures within the site are formwork, setting the stage for concrete wall constructions.

Looking south to foundational work for the east building, image by UrbanToronto Forum contributor FutureDurham

By November 2022, the perspective shifts northwest, giving a slightly elevated view of the foundation level progress. The concrete slab is freshly poured on the west side, while the east remains a dirt expanse. A duo of towering white cranes foreground the view, with the completed 25-storey buildings of the first phase serving as a backdrop.

Looking northwest to the tower cranes and ongoing work for both buildings, image by UrbanToronto Forum contributor FutureDurham

Spring 2023 ushers in fresh progress, with an aerial view from April revealing the first storey of the east building is under construction, while the gleaming white concrete slab at grade marks the area for the taller west building. Assorted construction materials lay organized on the ground, awaiting their use.

An aerial view of above-grade work in April, image by UrbanToronto Forum contributor Undead

July's southeast view from the vantage point in Phase 1 captures the east building's first floor and the west building's advancement for its initial storeys. Yellow shoring poles that provide support while concrete cures, pepper the at-grade view, while the second storey of the east building showcases concrete pillars with vertical rebar. A slanted ramp leading from the ground floor to the second storey on the northern elevation indicates that some parking will be accommodated within the podium.

Looking southeast from the Phase 1 buildings, image by UrbanToronto Forum contributor FutureDurham

As the year progresses to September, one year after the first image, the west building begins to assert its form. The structure has risen to four storeys, with the northern section of the fifth storey slab being crafted, while wooden formwork pieces on the fourth storey's south end earmark the upcoming wall constructions. Meanwhile, the robust concrete slab for the first storey's roof at the north end distinguishes itself from the others, indicating a transfer slab. The massing of the west elevation follows the curve in Kitney Road.

A view from Kitney Road of the west building's vertical progress, image by UrbanToronto Forum contributor Undead

Turning our gaze southeast, the east building's progression is evident. The third storey on the east end of the site is undergoing active construction, flanked by the numerous shoring poles. To our right, the larger poles for the taller first-storey are visible for the taller first storey of the western building. We again spot a ramp, this time on the second storey at the north elevation for the growing above-ground garage in the podium.

Looking southeast to the the eastern building's progress, image by UrbanToronto Forum contributor FutureDurham

As the buildings of Vision at Pat Bayly Square Phase 2 continue to rise to their final heights of 63m and 71.54m, the upcoming addition of 551 new residential units to the town of Ajax becomes increasingly tangible.

UrbanToronto will continue to follow progress on this development, but in the meantime, you can learn more about it from our Database file, linked below. If you'd like, you can join in on the conversation in the associated Project Forum thread or leave a comment in the space provided on this page.

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