As more attention is paid to night lighting in Toronto, different treatments are being applied on different buildings. At YC Condos, a Canderel project designed by Graziani + Corazza Architects on Yonge near College, the recently built development is still having finishing touches applied. One of the last of them is the sidewalk around it, and with the fences around the cured concrete now removed and the pathway open for pedestrian footfall, anyone walking below the canopy will be aglow by night too. The canopy provides more than the average illumination as special glass installed in it is meant to create colour effects when walking beneath it, as these two photos by UrbanToronto Forum contributor Benito hint at.

YC Condos sidewalk lit up at night, image by UrbanToronto Forum contributor Benito

YC Condos sidewalk all lit up at night, image by UrbanToronto Forum contributor Benito

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