Two and a half years after construction started on Plaza and Berkeley's The Met, the 35-storey, Quadrangle-designed condominium tower and townhome community is now on the home stretch in Vaughan's new purpose-built Downtown. Since shoring rigs began drilling into the ground at the start of 2017, the project has risen to its full height on Jane Street north of Highway 7—just steps from the new Vaughan Metropolitan Centre subway station—as exterior finishes continue to enclose the tower and townhomes.

Looking west to The Met (far right) in Vaughan's new downtown, image by Jack Landau

The tower reached its final height of 116 metres back in April, at which time cladding installation had enclosed the lower half of the tower component. In the months since, the tower crane used during the project's forming has been disassembled, and work on finishing the tower's exterior is now rapidly approaching completion, with finishes covering all but the final two tower floors below the mechanical penthouse level. 

Looking northwest to The Met, image by Jack Landau

The Met is being clad in a window wall system, with the podium treatment in dark glazing and spandrel panels accented by black aluminum panels and translucent balcony glazing. Above, the tower is being finished in clear glazing and grey spandrel panels framed in slender aluminum mullions. A mix of grey and white spandrel panels can be seen enclosing the tower’s mechanical penthouse component.

Cladding enclosing The Met, image by Jack Landau

To the immediate east of the tower, the six blocks of three-storey townhomes are progressing onsite. All blocks are now structurally complete, and finishes including glazing and brick paneling now offer a taste of how the townhome exteriors will look once complete in a few months time.

Townhomes at The Met, image by Jack Landau

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