It's only been six weeks since we last featured 411 Church, a new 38-storey condominium under construction in Downtown Toronto, in a front page storey on UrbanToronto… but the building's exterior is so much fun to behold, it's hard to look away for long. The IBI Group-designed building for CentreCourt now rises to its full height of 122 metres on the southeast corner of Church and Wood streets, and over the last several weeks enough of its exterior finishing has been installed that the details of the design can now be better appreciated.

Looking up at the north face of 411 Church Street, image by UT Forum contributor drum118

It's the recent installation of so many of the partitions between balconies, completing the elongated honeycomb shapes, that has made such a difference to the building's exterior. The strong white capping of the alternating slab edges combined with the similarly thick new verticals helps creates a three-dimensional frame that hides the flat north and south frontages of the suites. Simple lines behind the balconies—the windows are full height, framed in slender black vertical mullions, and without the clutter created by waist-height horizontal mullions—allows the design to shine.

Looking southeast to 411 Church Street, image by UT Forum contributor drum118

Finishing of slab edges is still to come at the corner of Wood and Church where podium-floor windows advance to the building's outer edge. Below four floors of condominium suites, curtain wall fronts an extra-height floor which will provide office space. Below it, the extra-height ground floor will feature retailers facing a widened sidewalk, their doors sheltered by overhanging eaves. Polished black stone clads the pillars between bays of curtain wall.

Retail at the corner of Church and Wood streets at the base of 411 Church Street, image by UT Forum contributor drum118

Fronting the Wood Street sidewalk to the east are several two-storey townhomes, fit into the otherwise high ground floor.

Townhomes and an office floor at the base of 411 Church Street, image by UT Forum contributor drum118

Wandering past the building provides ever-changing views of the angled balcony fronts, and we expect that we will to see a pile of artistically composed shots of the building flow into our dedicated Forum thread for it as construction continues, and beyond as the building begins to be populated by its first residents later this year. 

Side-balc: checking out the honeycomb pattern on 411 Church Street, image by UT Forum contributor drum118

Additional information and images can be found in our database file for the project, linked below. Want to get involved in the discussion? Check out the associated Forum thread, or leave a comment in the field provided at the bottom of this page.

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