Seven kilometres west of Mississauga's iconic Absolute World towers, the latest phase of the Daniels Erin Mills high-rise community is bringing another curvaceous high-rise condominium tower to Toronto's western neighbour. Construction of the 19-storey, Kirkor Architects-designed Arc has been ongoing since early 2017, and the project is now nearly topped out as crews begin shaping the mechanical penthouse above the uppermost residential level.

Aerial view facing south over Arc at Daniels Erin Mills, image by Forum contributor Jasonzed

The third tower in The Daniels Corporation's high-rise community across from Erin Mills Town Centre, Arc is setting itself apart from the more typical architecture in its surrounding area with curving lines and significant public realm upgrades. With forming of the tower all but complete, the inevitable local landmark status because of its unconventional massing is apparent in the latest photos.

Looking north to Arc at Daniels Erin Mills, image by Forum contributor Jasonzed

While the building is more obviously a freeform take on slab-style massing in the images above, the fully curved corner facing the Erin Mills and Eglinton intersection (below) appears as a point tower when viewed head-on, blending the two dominant high-rise typologies of Mississauga and GTA at large.

Arc's Eglinton frontage, image by Forum contributor Jasonzed

Cladding installation has progressed since our last update in June. The building's envelope—consisting of a window wall system with reflective glazing, dark grey mullions, and dark grey spandrel panels—stretched as high as the 9th floor at the start of the summer. In the weeks since, over half of the building has been fully enclosed, with cladding now reaching as high as the 14th floor.

Looking south to Arc at Daniels Erin Mills, image by Forum contributor Jasonzed

Balcony railing installation is the one architectural element that hasn't progressed over the summer, and the one that will ultimately define how the building appears. A sole panel consisting of a mix of white perforated metal and glazing was spotted in June, and this test panel remains the only one visible to date. The upcoming installation of balcony guards will tie the exterior's undulating expression together, alternating between clear and white sections to accentuate the curves.

Looking west to Arc at Daniels Erin Mills, image by Forum contributor Jasonzed

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