We have been keeping a close eye on construction activity for Cityzen Development Group and Fernbrook Homes' long-awaited St. Lawrence Condos, a pair of 26-storey, architectsAlliance-designed condominium towers soon to rise from Toronto's Sherbourne and Front intersection. Construction has been underway since November 2017, and in that time we have seen shoring, the start of excavation, tieback drilling, and the initial steps in forming a temporary work platform.

Looking southwest across the St. Lawrence Condos site, image by Jack Landau

Since our last update at the start of June, crews have made swift progress installing the work platform's rebar cages and forms. The pouring of this work platform is expected to begin within days. The platform will be used for staging material deliveries and construction vehicles, eliminating the need for a lane closure on a narrow stretch of Sherbourne Street. This platform will eventually be built into the ground floor of the development.

Looking northwest across the St. Lawrence Condos site, image by Jack Landau

Excavation along the east side of the site was halted weeks earlier to allow for work on the staging platform. Once the platform's concrete cures, excavation is set to resume on the eastern portion of the site. This digging will commence from approximately mid-block, continuing west toward Frederick Street.

Looking north across the St. Lawrence Condos site, image by Jack Landau

On the west half of the site, excavation has progressed a few levels deep on her side of a earthen ramp that provides access to the pit from Frederick Street. A view through the west side fence offers a closer look at what has been accomplished so far, including the erection of tandem pile-and-lagging and caisson wall shoring systems, plus rows of tiebacks to hold the walls in place. At the back of the photo, a cross-section of the staging platform to can be seen over the shadowed portion of the excavation.

Looking southeast across the St. Lawrence Condos site, image by Jack Landau

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