While the almost 700 condominium units being offered at Graywood DevelopmentsPeter and Adelaide are now practically sold out, new marketing material is painting a fuller picture of what's coming for this corner of Toronto's Entertainment District. As part of the final push to sell out the 47-storey BBB Architects-designed building's remaining units, the Peter and Adelaide website was recently updated with a wealth of new visuals of the project's design, and the lifestyle being offered to future residents.

Facing northwest to Peter and Adelaide, image courtesy of Graywood

The project's base will wrap around an existing heritage building at the intersection it draws its name from. The street level program includes 4,564 m² of retail space fronting onto a pedestrian mews carving north/south through the site. Residents will enter via the Peter Street frontage, marked by three V-shaped structural supports which also define a sheltered entrance area. 

Peter Street frontage at Peter and Adelaide, image courtesy of Graywood

Another new rendering shows off the project's U31-appointed fitness centre, a row of workout equipment placed against a wall of floor-to-ceiling glazing that fills the space with natural light. 

Fitness centre at Peter and Adelaide, image courtesy of Graywood

Another rendering offers an aerial view of the project's 19th floor outdoor pool. Building on an earlier eye-level rendering of this outdoor amenity which highlights the views, this image adds the landscaping to the mix.

19th floor pool at Peter and Adelaide, image courtesy of Graywood

The updated website also offers a new feature, providing interactive 3D views of the front lobby and pedestrian mews on the ground floor, the third floor’s party room, co-working, recreational space, fitness centre, and outdoor exercise area, and the 19th floor’s rooftop pool area: for the curious, there's a lot to explore.

Interactive viewer on the Peter and Adelaide website, image via peterandadelaide.com

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