Since the completion of the 9 kilometres of tunnels for Metrolinx's Crosstown LRT under Eglinton Avenue in Midtown Toronto, the first tracks have been laid, construction has begun on the route's above ground sections, and work is underway at all 15 of the line's underground stations. Among the stations, Fairbank Station at Dufferin Street was the subject of a recent Open House conducted by Metrolinx, providing an update on the design and construction progress of the station.

Above-grade there will be structures near three corners around the intersection; a main entrance on Eglinton east of Dufferin, a secondary entrance at the intersection's northwest corner, and a service building on Eglinton, just west of Dufferin. A large public plaza at the intersection's southeast corner will replace the existing St. Hilda's Parkette.

Southwest-facing aerial of the station site, image courtesy of Metrolinx

To date, demolition has cleared the sites of the the main entrance and service building, geotechnical monitoring equipment has been installed, telecommunication and hydro utilities have been relocated, and work has begun on shoring to support excavation of the station box. During this phase, steel piles are inserted around the perimeter of the 100m x 20m station box, followed by a shallow excavation and the installation of braces and tiebacks. A concrete roof slab will then be placed above the shallow excavation, allowing traffic to resume above as work continues below.

Fairbank Station main entrance, image courtesy of Metrolinx

Shoring is currently progressing along the north side of Eglinton, expected to continue through the summer. Shoring for the south end of the station box is expected to commence in the fall, happening alongside the continued relocation of wet utilities along Eglinton.

Fairbank Station secondary entrance, image courtesy of Metrolinx

A focus of the open house were plans for a significant public space to be built at the southeast corner of Dufferin and Eglinton as part of the project. Fairbank Plaza will offer space for community events as well as street furniture, shade trees, new lighting, decorative grass, and bicycle parking spaces.

The standout element in this new public space will be a misting feature consisting of 11 mist-dispensing pavers. Designed to create a “room of mist” at the centre of the plaza, this feature will run 7 days a week from May to October for 15 minutes per hour, 12 hours a day. A wind sensor will automatically turn off the mist feature during windy conditions. While the mist element will only be active during warmer months, the associated lighting feature will operate year-round.

Plaza and mist feature at Fairbank Station, image courtesy of Metrolinx

Presentation documents for the open house also shed light on the community art vitrine proposed for the service building's street-fronting facade. This yet-to-be-approved element would include two display cabinets 1.5 m wide x 3 m tall x 90 mm deep, with operable doors and a lighting system.

Fairbank Station's service building, image courtesy of Metrolinx

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