Work continues on the new Gardiner Expressway Off-Ramp at Lower Simcoe in Toronto's South Core. The new 215 metre-long ramp is being built by the team of Grascan and Torbridge Construction, with Grascan in charge of constructing the road deck, while the actual bridge elements are being handled by Torbridge. 

New off-ramp taking shape, image by Forum contributor drum118

Since our last report two and a half weeks ago, concrete is now curing on the bridged portion of the ramp, and where new curbs are being formed at ground level for the new width of the Harbour Street. Expansion joints between the slabs below the future road deck still have to be formed.

Expansion joints still need to be formed between to road deck slabs, image by Forum contributor drum118

Precast concrete panels are also appearing onsite, piled and awaiting installation as part of a retaining wall for a structure where the new ramp will touch down. Once the ramp's new deck is complete, an automated de-icing system will be built-in, the first of its kind in Toronto, as the new off-ramp, steeper than the one it's replacing, will need it to prevent icy conditions in the winter. 

Precast concrete panels will be used to create a retaining wall, image by Forum contributor drum118

Looking east on Harbour Street, work continues to prepare for the widening of the street to four lanes. Significant improvements to the streetscape, including new cycle tracks and enhanced sidewalks are coming as part of the project.

Widening work being done along Harbour Street, image by Forum contributor drum118

While a new curb can be seen in the image below, the old traffic light standards and a traffic control box need to be moved into new positions before all of the curb can be formed. Another pair of electrical boxes can be seen in the lower middle of the image above, also awaiting relocation.

Old traffic light poles and a traffic control box at York and Harbour wait to be moved, image by Forum contributor drum118

Below, looking south on York Street, a piece of new turning lane curb is also in place here, while in the background, the trees from the middle of the old spiral ramp are a reminder that a new park has yet to be designed here.

Widening work being done at York Street,image by Forum contributor drum118

We will keep you updated as the project progresses. In the meantime, you can see plenty of renderings of the completed project by checking out our database file, linked below. Want to share your thoughts? Leave a comment on this page, or add your voice to the ongoing conversation in our associated Forum thread (where you can also find more recent photos).