A trio of towers have been transforming the corner of Dundas and Jarvis over the past few months, with Grid Condos, Dundas Square Condos, and Ryerson University's Jarvis Residence bringing an unusually concentrated amount of construction activity to a single intersection. As construction transforms the intersection—even turning a portion of Dundas street into a causeway—the renderings of the towers give a preview of the area to come after the dust has settled. 

Rendering of Ryerson Jarvis Street Residence, image courtesy of Ryerson University

The closest of the trio to completion, Ryerson University's Jarvis Residence has progressed significantly since topping off this past May. When we last reported, the brick cladding on the east and west facades had only just begun—reaching only a few storeys up—while the glass cladding and windows were already well on its way to the top. Since then, the black brick cladding on the West facade has made significant progress, reaching 16 storeys up. However, brick work on the East facade has only reached a few stories up. 

Progress on Ryerson University's Jarvis Residence, image by Greg Lipinski

Windows and multi-toned blue spandrel panels have continue to be installed, only 3 storeys away from finishing on the North facade and 4 storeys on the South facade. Since our last update, GlasRoc sheathing has also progressed significantly, one level away from completion, which will likely occur within the next few weeks as it prepares to be covered by the same black brick that the east and west facades are clad in. Debris barriers have also been fully removed as the structure becomes fully enclosed. Once all windows, spandrel and brick have been put in place, the final touch to the facade will be a series of diagonal accented mullions which will span across the glass. 

Rendering of Grid Condos, image courtesy of CentreCourt Developments

Just steps away are Grid Condos and Dundas Square Gardens, rising in conjunction directly across from one another. Since our last update on the trio last year, significant progress has been made on excavation and foundation construction. Cranes have been put in place for both projects, and excavation has completed, but the extent of progress of construction varies.

Grid Condos rising at Dundas and Jarvis, image by Greg Lipinski

Grid Condos, with a smaller floor plate, has progressed further so far. With all below ground work completed, the project has begun to rise with the walls of the first floor completed and columns of the next level preparing casting.

Rendering of Dundas Square Gardens, image courtesy of the Gupta Group

The larger Dundas Square Gardens has progressed less, with work on the underground parking structure still taking place, although not far off from reaching ground level: in the image below, columns are being formed which are just below grade.

Progression at the Dundas Square Gardens site, image by Greg Lipinski

These projects will progress significantly in the months to come, and we will keep you updated on the milestones as they are achieved. In the meantime, check out our database files below for more information and renderings. You can join the discussion in the associated Forum threads, linked below, or leave a comment in the space provided on this page.

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