This week, SkyriseCities' 'Explainer' takes a look at a highly innovative—and once-popular—construction technology, which has been all but relegated to the dustbin of 20th century history in North America. Faster and more economical than older construction methods, the so-called 'lift slab' technique proved a breakthrough for the mid-century construction industry after its development in 1948. Yet, less than 40 years later, a tragic accident effectively spelled the end of lift slab construction. SkyriseCities has more:

The Huron Towers in Ann Arbor, Michigan, utilized the lift slab technique, image by Dwight Burdette via Wikimedia Commons

In major building projects, concrete wall and floor slabs are often assembled using the in situ, or cast-in-place, method of construction. But a cheaper and faster alternative, that infamously played a major role in a tragic construction accident, takes the 'raising the roof' expression literally.

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