In the days leading up to year's end, a flurry of development applications hit the City, especially in Ward 20. Many of those applications saw their way to Wellington Street, just west of Spadina, while other were for properties on surrounding area streets. This set of proposals were not the now-typical 40 storey glass towers seen east of the Spadina. Instead, these developments are scaled back to better reflect the the King West neighbourhood's built form. One new proposal at 457 Richmond is such a case.

Proposed as a condo with retail at grade, this building would rise 19 storeys on Richmond Street steps west of Spadina. There would be two levels of underground parking consisting of 26 vehicular spaces. 139 residential units begin on the second floor. The proposed breakdown of the units is 40 bachelors, 55 one-bedrooms, 27 two-bedrooms, and 17 three-bedroom units. The building would also have 139 bicycle parking spaces, one for each suite. 

Rendering of 457 Richmond Street West, image retrieved via submission to the City of Toronto

Reaching a height of 187 feet, the development encompasses a total gross floor area of 9,830 square metres, with 97 square metres dedicated to retail space. To anticipate the demands of residents who own pets, a 6 square metre pet wash area is located on the ground floor. For the humans in the building, there are 272 square metres of indoor amenity space located on the mezzanine level, while 23 square metres of outdoor space is also planned for. 

Aerial rendering of 457 Richmond Street West, image retrieved via submission to the City of Toronto

The architectsAlliance designed building would see a brick masonry frame clad up to the building's 12th floor, before the remaining 7 levels step back. They and are predominantly glazed and feature extending balconies. At grade level, a combination of clear vision glass, metal panel, perforated aluminum, and stone cladding would contribute to the buildings' overall appearance. 

Ground view rendering of 457 Richmond Street West, image retrieved via submission to the City of Toronto

The properties include 451 and 457 Richmond Street West, with the site currently consisting of surface parking and a 2 storey 1950s-built warehouse building, now being used as office. The building is not designated heritage, however it is on the list of buildings in the King Spadina Heritage Conservation District (HCD) that have been frozen from demolition for a one-year timespan, while the City works out which buildings which buildings it want to save in the area that contribute to the historic fabric. The plans for this development does not include the retention or preservation of the building as of yet.

The site as it sits today, image retrieved from Google Maps

This project is to be built immediately west of the recently-completed Fabrik Condos, and directly south of the James Condos site. With these three developments ranging in the 17 to 19 storey range, they will not only densify the not-too-long-ago dilapidated stretch of Richmond, but join the other nearby developments in establishing a strong canyon of buildings. 

We will keep you updated as this development circulates through the planning process. Want to share your thoughts? Feel free to comment in the space provided at the bottom of this page, or join in the ongoing conversation in our associated Forum thread. 

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