Following another productive month of activity at Madison Homes and Fieldgate Urban's ZIGG Condos, an update on the construction of the 11-storey Kirkor Architects-designed condominium on St. Clair Avenue West sees the building beginning to assert a notable street-level presence. 

ZIGG Condos viewed from the northwest on St. Clair Avenue West, image by Jack Landau

When we last checked in on the project at the close of October, construction crews were in the process of forming the second level, and since then, the pace of ZIGG's growth has increased. In the coming weeks, construction will continue to ramp up as workers get into the swing of forming and pouring the somewhat more repetitive upper floor layouts, which typically allow for a faster construction process than the lower levels.

A rendering of the completed project, image courtesy of Madison/Fieldgate

The pouring of the third floor slab commenced at the east end of the site on November 1st, and work has since moved on to the start of the fourth floor above. As was the case in previous updates, forming is still further along at the site's east end along Poplar Plains Road.

ZIGG Condos viewed from the northeast on St. Clair Avenue West, image by Jack Landau

A minor milestone was reached early in the month, when the building's first piece of permanent equipment—a large electrical transformer—was installed on the below-grade P2 level. Due to the transformer's size, a large opening was left in the floors formed above to allow the equipment to be lowered in by crane. 

Electrical transformer on P2 level, viewed through temporary opening, image courtesy of Madison/Fieldgate

Another milestone is anticipated to take place in the coming days—one that will be easily seen from the street—when installation stations on the building envelope, possibly as early as December 1st. After that, the completion of formwork could take place as early as mid-February if the weather cooperates.

ZIGG Condos viewed from the north on St. Clair Avenue West, image by Jack Landau

Additional information and renderings can be found in our dataBase file for ZIGG Condos, linked below. Want to get involved in the discussion? Check out the associated Forum threads, or leave a comment in the space provided at the bottom of this page.

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