The rebirth of Toronto's Regent Park neighbourhood continues in full force, with new market condominium developments in various stages of planning and approvals, marketing, and construction throughout the neighbourhood. Among the new additions, the next project to welcome residents in the neighbourhood will be The Daniels Corporation's The Bartholomew, a Quadrangle Architects-designed condominium and townhome development at the intersection of Sackville and St. Bartholomew Streets.

White-framed The Bartholomew and surrounding context, viewed from the south on Sackville, image by Forum contributor TheKingEast

At the time of our last construction update at the start of July, the tower crane had recently been removed, while the installation of cladding was hinting at the final aesthetic of the building's exterior envelope. In the weeks since, the main exterior expression of dark-tinted window with black mullions has risen from the 6th floor up to the 12th floor, leaving just the final recessed residential level and the mechanical penthouse above still open to the elements.

Cladding rising on The Bartholomew, image by Forum contributor TheKingEast

Contrasting with the dark window wall cladding, white-pigmented precast concrete frames give a sense of rhythm to the exterior, breaking apart the expanses of dark window and spandrel cladding panels.

Detail shot of cladding on The Bartholomew, image by Forum contributor TheKingEast

The most visible change since our July update is the progress on the two blocks of townhomes situated immediately west of the tower component. Over the past two months, the townhomes have risen from their foundations and partially-built first floors into the structurally-complete blocks visible today.

Townhomes at The Bartholomew, image by Forum contributor TheKingEast

With the three-storey wooden structures of the townhomes now in place, the next major evolution of the project's appearance will come in the form of alternating light and dark brickwork applied to the townhome exteriors.

Townhomes at The Bartholomew, image by Forum contributor TheKingEast

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