We have been closely following the work on Neudorfer Corporation's Fuse and Fuse2 Condos, returning with monthly updates to map the construction timeline of the two-phased residential development in Toronto's Davenport Village area. When we last checked in on the progress of the Barrett Architect and Burka Architects-designed development, cladding had progressed to reach the final levels of the development's 27-storey first phase, while the 23-storey second phase to the west had recently reached its final height.

Fuse (left) and Fuse2 (right), image by Marcus Mitanis

Since our most recent update in mid-June, cladding installation has continued to seal off the upper levels of the taller first phase. At that time, window wall cladding was being applied to the exterior of the upper residential levels, while spandrel cladding covered a large portion of the mechanical penthouse above. In the time since, the cladding of the mechanical penthouse has been completed, while the last glazing panels are being installed on the upper residential floors.

Cladding sealing off the upper levels of Fuse Condos, image by Marcus Mitanis

The finishing of Fuse's exterior envelope will be getting the balcony glass installed, the removal of the construction hoist, and getting the area behind the hoist clad as well.

Hoist on the west side of Fuse Condos, image by Marcus Mitanis

Over on Fuse2, bricks now rise to the top of the five-storey podium, framing sections of window wall.

Cladding at the base of Fuse2, image by Marcus Mitanis

The window wall installation has just started on the tower portion above. This part of the building, above the fifth floor, will be predominantly vision glass and back-painted spandrel, with precast concrete accents, giving a glassier overall look than the punched window look of the first phase. Much of the precast has already been installed.

Fuse2 Condos, image by Marcus Mitanis

Up top, the installation of spandrel cladding is now underway on the mechanical penthouse level, mirroring the upper levels of the taller first phase.

Mechanical penthouse cladding underway at Fuse2 Condos, image by Marcus Mitanis

Fuse (left) and Fuse2 (right), image by Marcus Mitanis

We will continue to follow the development here, but in the meantime, you can find additional information and renderings in our dataBase file for Fuse and Fuse2, linked below. Want to get involved in the discussion? Check out the associated Forum threads, or leave a comment in the space provided at the bottom of this page.

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