Following reports of "ballot box stuffing," Waterfront Toronto has announced that the renaming campaign for Project: Under Gardiner has been partially re-set. As quoted in the Toronto Star, a representative of Waterfront Toronto explained that that "some suspicious voting activity that could possibly have been the result of automatic voting."

Under Gardiner, looking east from Strachan Avenue, image by Public Work

Late in the poll, a surge of votes suddenly tilted the balance. While "The Bentway" led the poll by a significant margin in the days leading up to Sunday, "The Artery" made a "suspicious" late run to tie things up, bringing the controversy and drama of sport to the process of municipal placemaking. With the two names now neck and neck, the remaining options—"The Canopy" and "The Gathering Place"—have been dropped, with a runoff between "The Bentway" and "The Artery" now underway.

Torontonians can cast their vote anew via the Project: Under Gardiner website. The site notes that "[c]ertain over-eager individuals went rogue and tried to tamper with the outcome by stuffing our "ballot box." You know who you are—please don't do it again!"

Still dissatisfied with the choices? You're not alone. UrbanToronto is also running polls on our Forum and Twitter, which includes both official monikers, as well as the name "Under Gardiner" and a "None of the Above" option. Make your voice heard, Toronto.

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