Two rental towers have been proposed at the corner of Soudan and Brownlow Avenues in Midtown Toronto. Located at the southeast edge of the Yonge and Eglinton area, the Benvenuto Group development at 200 Soudan would add approximately 463 residential units to the area, distributed among two towers. Designed by Montreal-based Neuf Architect(e)s, the proposed 25 and 20-storey towers are shown rising from a shared podium fronting Soudan Avenue, replacing the low-rise homes currently occupying the site. 

Looking northeast from Soudan and Redpath, image courtesy of The Benvenuto Group

Still in its very early stages, the proposal's preliminary massing strategy would see the towers step back from Soudan Avenue in an attempt to ease the sudden transition between the high-rise apartment neighbourhood to the north and east, and the low rise neighbourhood to south. The site includes an existing 19-storey slab apartment tower at 18 Brownlow, which would be preserved if the project were built. 

Facing northwest from the south side of Soudan Avenue, image courtesy of The Benvenuto Group

As set out in the City's Official Plan, the site sits on the boundary of two zoning designations, with the lot itself situated on the southeast edge of the growing 'Apartment Neighbourhood' that has been intensified by a recent wave of high-rise development. Immediately to the south however, the detached and semi-detached homes are designated as a low-rise 'Neighbourhood,' making for a somewhat abrupt transition in built form from the north side of Soudan Avenue to the south.

The development (in orange) within its changing urban context, image courtesy of The Benvenuto Group

The series of step-backs seen along both towers likely comes as an attempt to avoid overwhelming the area to the south by gradually decreasing height to meet the scale of the neighbourhood. Similarly, the taller of the two towers is also located to the west, closer to the heart of the high-rise area. At street level, a shared 4-storey base forms a flat, undifferentiated street wall along Soudan Avenue. 

Street-level view, facing east from Soudan and Redpath, image courtesy of The Benvenuto Group

So far, we know that the proposal includes 413 parking spaces below grade, in addition to 463 bicycle parking spots—meeting the City's mandated 1/1 ratio. According to a planning rationale prepared by Bousfields Inc., the 1.81 acre site currently includes 17 parcels of land, with the development slated to replace the existing structures with 35,499 ft² of GFA, with a new density 6.64 times the size of the lot. 

The current view facing east from Redpath and Soudan, image retrieved via Google Maps

In the larger 25-storey west building, 283 residential units are planned. According to the planning rationale, "the unit mix... includes 32 bachelor units, 159 one-bedroom units, 83 two-bedroom units, 9 three-bedroom units (4 of which are penthouse units)." Meanwhile, the 20 storey east building "includes 16 bachelor units, 93 one-bedroom units, 69 two-bedroom units and 2 three-bedroom penthouse units." 

Looking west on Soudan from Brownlow, image retrieved via Google Maps

Given that the proposal is still in its early stages, we can expect the design to evolve as the planning process unfolds. In the meantime, however, more information about the proposal—including additional renderings—is available in our dataBase page. Want to share your thoughts on the project? Feel free to leave a comment below this page, or join in the ongoing discussion on our associated Forum thread.  

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