Garrison Pointa five-tower development that looks to transform the face of the Ordnance Triangle—has been garnering attention for its ambitious scale and eye-catching design, with the sculptural cluster of towers set to stand out against the city's predominantly rectangular high-rise landscape. However, while renderings of the development by Cityzen Development Group, Diamondcorp, and Fernbrook Homes, promise striking exteriors, a look at the project's interiors reveals an eclectic connection of family-friendly spaces that proves notable in its own right.  

Garrison Point, image courtesy of Cityzen/Fernbrook/Diamondcorp

The project's first four towers have been designed by Toronto-based Hariri Pontarini, with Chicago's bkL Architecture designing the development's tallest, 39-storey tower, lending Garrison Point an aesthetic variety. The towers are set to feature amenities designed and appointed by Toronto-based Studio Munge (previously known as Munge Leung). While our earlier story explored the development's family-oriented features, we now take a look at the project's vibrant interiors.

A townhouse unit, image courtesy of Cityzen/Fernbrook/Diamondcorp

In terms of suite configurations, highly sought-after townhome units feature around the podium bases, with interiors that look out directly onto ground level. These two-storey spaces are configured to provide separation between communal areas and bedrooms, with the more private sleeping spaces located upstairs. For homeowners, the light-filled townhouse interiors provide a spacious, family-friendly environment that combines the flexibility and centralized maintenance of condominium ownership with the convenience and connection of low-rise living. 

A tower podium, image courtesy of Cityzen/Fernbrook/Diamondcorp

Having living areas and suite entrances—as well as retail and community amenities (above)that look out directly onto ground level also fosters a more intimate community atmosphere for residents, with elements of a low-rise ambiance included in the high-density project. In a vertically growing city where condo dwellers often feel isolated from their neighbours, a project 'grounded' by a more intimate community provides a basis for stronger bonds between residents. 

A wooden staircase winds up its way up the atrium, image courtesy of Cityzen/Fernbrook/Diamondcorp

A particular standout interior feature is the grand wood-toned staircase seen carving through the atrium of a building (above), bringing an angular yet naturalistic element of visual interest to the public space. Although the design of the staircase is striking, the warm wood texture provides a soothing balance to the jagged design, which stands out against the cool, clean aesthetic of the atrium.

Rendering showing a lobby area, image courtesy of Cityzen/Fernbrook/Diamondcorp

The use of bright wood tones is also evident in the lobby rendering above, where the floor-to-ceiling windows allow for a wealth of natural light. The interaction of natural light and wood creates a warm, energizing aesthetic in the lobby, with elements of texture along the interiors of the large pillars—together with the patterned ceilingadding a note of visual interest.

The 'pit lounge,' image courtesy of Cityzen/Fernbrook/Diamondcorp

Light-coloured wood interiors are evident again along the walls of the 'pit lounge,' where a comfortable space of couches—and a luxurious fireplace—is gently rounded out by the soothing walls (above).

The children's play space, image courtesy of Cityzen/Fernbrook/Diamondcorp

A children's play area is designed in a colourful and fun aesthetic (above), with the unpretentious space offering an amenity rarely found in condo buildings. More adult-oriented amenity spaces, such as the party room, are comparatively muted in ambiance, with an elegant simplicity defining many of the project's communal interiors.

The theatre room, image courtesy of Cityzen/Fernbrook/Diamondcorp

A theatre room offers a plush seating configuration and a large widescreen display. Once again, wood tones are used throughout the space, this time running across the ceiling as well as the room's front wall (above). While the bright wood serves as a recurring motif—giving the project an aesthetic identity—the varying uses of the material (walls, ceilings, staircases) help create an eclectic though cohesive ambiance.

A look at the gym, image courtesy of Cityzen/Fernbrook/Diamondcorp

A fitness centre is also rendered, dominated by energizing white and grey tones in striking geometries, with triangular elements seen along the walls and ceiling, reflecting the conspicuously patterned floor (above).

Additional information and over 30 renderings can be found in our Garrison Point dataBase file, linked below. Want to get involved in the discussion? Check out the associated Forum threads, or voice your opinion in the comments section provided at the bottom of this page.

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