As subway ridership in Toronto continues to grow and reach new record highs, the TTC is in the process of upgrading safety features at some of the network's stations. One feature currently being implemented is the addition of secondary exits to stations that currently have only one point of entry. While many stations—such as Eglinton West—with only one usable entrances are equipped with emergency exists, some of the TTC's subway stops lack a secondary exit, creating a potential safety hazard while limiting passenger flow.

A rendering of the new entrance at Totem Condos, image courtesy of Worsley Urban Partners

Wellesley Station—which was identified as a candidate for a second exit in a 2002 study has been slated to receive a secondary entrance to be built as part of the construction of Worsley Urban Partners' Totem Condos at the north end of the station. Currently in its excavation phase, the RAW Design condo's new subway exit is expected to be operational by the Fall of 2017. The new facility will also function as an unmanned, automated entrance, easing congestion at the increasingly busy main entrance. 

A rendering of the new art piece, image courtesy of the TTC

In a public meeting held on October 1st, the TTC revealed detailed designs for the new station entrance, which is set to feature a mosaic public art piece by Gisele Amantea. Described as a "low-relief sculptural mosaic," the piece will be integrated into a curved, convex wall (below), lending the passageway an element of visual interest.

A close-up of the mosaic patter, image courtesy of the TTC

Following the opening of the new entrance, a plan for the installation of elevators at the station has also been announced. Tentatively scheduled for a 2017-2020 installation, elevators from the main entrance would run down to both the northbound and southbound platforms, making the station fully accessible. 

The planned elevators are shown in yellow (at ground level), image courtesy of the TTC

In addition to Wellesley Station, Donlands, Greenwood, and Woodbine Stations are currently in the process of having secondary exits added, while numerous other stations are scheduled to be fitted with elevators over the next few years. 

We will keep you updated as construction and planning continues. In the meantime, more information about the project can be found on the TTC's website here, while a further overview of secondary exit and elevator installations is also available on the TTC's projects site

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