Toronto's high-rise development boom has dramatically altered many areas around the city with the addition of new towers, bringing with them new residents and businesses. The Humber Bay Shores development node has been the site of much change in just a few short years, as evidenced by today's comparison between the area's skyline from 2009 to 2015.

Back in 2009, the area's already sizeable group of condominium developments were concentrated near the mouth of the Humber River, with the famous Montgomery Sisam Architects-designed bridge marking the outflow of that river into Lake Ontario at the foot of the Palace Pier buildings. Construction was under way at that time, over at the mouth of the Mimico Creek at the site of Empire Communities' three-tower Beyond the Sea development, the cranes for which can be seen in the gap on the horizon below. To their left was the mini-skyline of the earlier Grand Harbour and Marina Del Rey condo developments at the east end of Mimico.

Humber Bay Shores skyline, 2009, image by Marcus Mitanis

In the six years since the photo above was captured, a number of new developments have infilled and knitted together these two clusters of condo buildings into one impressive skyline all on their own. From left to right, several new additions to the landscape are visible in the 2015 photo below.

Beyond the Sea's three towers are up and long finished, but a new crane is on the skyline immediately to their east at Jade Waterfront condos; it's just a few storeys shy now from topping out at 41 storeys. Immediately to its right is the pitched roofline of the 39-storey Ocean Club Condos, and to its right is one of the three towers of the recently completed Westlake Condos, (the other two being hidden behind Ocean Club). Next to the right is the elliptically shaped 30-storey Waterscapes tower, completed last year, and to its right—still with a crane but recently topped off at 44 storeys—is Key West. Finally, rising behind buildings that were already built in the 2009 photo is the 39-storey Nautilus, knitting it all together. 

Humber Bay Shores skyline, 2015, image by Marcus Mitanis

That's a lot, but there are actually another five towers now starting construction in the Humber Bay Shores area that don't register in the 2015 photo yet, and there are even more than that set to come.

We will return next week with another look at the changing face of Toronto!

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