We have been closely following the construction of Cityzen and Fernbrook HomesWaterlink at Pier 27 from the start of excavation in 2010, through visits to the site when the buildings were concrete and steel skeletons, to the project's first occupancies in mid-2014, to now when work on the development's finishing touches is just wrapping up. During this time we have viewed and photographed the four-building project on Toronto's waterfront from just about every possible angle at ground level, and now, new photos and video footage captured by drone are giving us some a new angle from which to admire the architectsAlliance-designed buildings.

Aerial view of Pier 27, image by Michael Muraz

These aerial images show off the lake views east, west, and south-facing residents now enjoy, while also revealing the land where the remaining phases are still to be built. 

Pier 27's two western buildings, image by Michael Muraz

Though there is still some work left to be done before the paired west buildings are officially complete, hoarding is now mostly removed and landscaping work has been largely completed around their bases, as seen above. The view below shows that the amenity space atop the westernmost tower is still an active work site, while weather protection material is still visible along the west side of the building's ground level, with the last cladding panels still to be installed over that.

Aerial view of Pier 27 from the west, image by Michael Muraz

The short video below provides a closer view of the unique development, including details of the project's signature sky bridges.

The existing four buildings will be joined by the future Pier 27 Tower, which will occupy the northwest corner of the site, adjacent to the Yonge Street slip. The new phase, which is expected to tower 35 storeys above the existing 14-storey buildings, is preparing to enter the market, with a website now live and advertising showing up on city streets. The last two buildings in the complex will be built to its east.

Advertisement for future Pier 27 phase, image by Jack Landau

A comprehensive collection of project facts, floor plans and renderings can be found linked below in our dataBase file for Waterlink at Pier 27. Want to get involved in the discussion? Check out the associated Forum threads, or leave a comment in the space provided at the bottom of this page.

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