The 15-storey Thompson Residences designed by Montreal-based Saucier + Perrotte Architects features a dynamic textured facade of alternating extruded and recessed rectangular boxes, resulting in a visually appealing elevation that is creating a street wall along Toronto's King Street West. With construction on the structure of Freed Developments project complete, construction has transitioned to finishes, including on the exterior where new cladding on its east facade now appears. 

View of Thompson Residences, looking west on King Street, image by Camil Rosiak

On the solid east and west walls of the building, insulation and furring have been installed in preparation of the exterior cladding, which is just beginning to be fastened on the east facade. The final finish will be matte black aluminum panels of varying widths, offset at each level, adding to the dramatic effect already caused by the building's undulating volumes. A staggered vertical line of tinted black windows is centred along the east facade and is flush with the new black cladding, a notable detail creating a flat and uniform aesthetic. The dark-coloured finishes will serve to further accentuate the textured glass-clad north and south elevations.

View of the east and north facades, showing new cladding being installed, image by Camil Rosiak

The sleek glass cladding on the north and south facades, featuring slim black mullions flush with the glass panes, has been up for quite some time now, while the glass balcony railings are nearing completion on all levels. Again, the details of these assemblies point to an effort to articulate flat and even surfaces, placing the emphasis on the purity of the projecting volumes. As well, the depth of the push-pull pattern increases on the upper storeys of the building, further accentuating its visual effect.

View of the north facade, showing the glass cladding and projecting volumes, image by Camil Rosiak

Thompson Residences adds to an already booming King West neighbourhood, which has seen rapid development over recent years. As the dramatic building solidifies its spot in the skyline, Thompson Residences' unique design will become instantly recognizable, creating a landmark condo development in a bustling and trendy neighbourhood west of downtown.

View of the King West neighbourhood, showing Thompson Residences in the distance, image by Jack Landau

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