Work on Backstage On The Esplanade, a 36-storey condominium tower by developers Cityzen Development GroupFernbrook Homes and Castlepoint Numa, has been progressing smoothly over the past several months, and the Page + Steele / IBI Group Architects-designed development is starting to make quite an impression from various points in the surrounding area.

View of Backstage from the west end of the GO bus terminal, image by Jack Landau

When we last looked at the project at the end of August, work was under way on the 15th level of the 36-storey tower. In the time since, work has moved up to the building's 23rd floor, for an increase of 8 and a half storeys. In the image below, shot from Yonge Street just north of Lake Shore Blvd, we are given a rare glimpse of the tower crane in the process of flying a form up to the 23rd floor from the level below.

View of Backstage from the south on Yonge Street, image by Jack Landau

The following image gives us an even closer look at the form-flying process, while the construction worker in silhouette just below the form helps to better illustrate the scale of this object.

Fly form being hoisted up to the top of Backstage, image by Jack Landau

Cladding has also made significant process since our last visit, and Backstage's black window wall with white spandrel accents now seals off much of the tower's lower floors. Masonry work has yet to begin on the four-storey podium, depicted in the project's market renderings as a two-toned stone or precast finish.

Evening view of Backstage as seen from Yonge Street, image by Forum contributor scamander24

Now at two-thirds of the way to its final height, Backstage is still dwarfed by its 58-storey neighbour, the L Tower. Once the tower tops off, Backstage will stand a half dozen floors above the L Tower's half-way point and three floors taller than the 33-storey flatiron inspired residential tower to the east at 25 The Esplanade. (The heights of the floors in each tower are not necessarily the same, so number of storeys alone in not a great indication of comparative height.) All three towers can be seen in the following shot for comparison.

Backstage rising next to L Tower, image by Jack Landau

Looking for more information on Backstage? Additional details including building facts, renderings, and floor plans can be found in our dataBase file, linked below. Want to get involved in the discussion? Check out the associated Forum threads, or add your voice to the comments section provided at the bottom of this page.

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