Concord Adex's master-planned condominium community, CityPlace, continues to grow with the addition of Quartz and Spectra, 41 and 39-storey condominium towers by RAW Design. The towers have both been topped-off with slanting rooflines, and cladding is now racing to the top of the two residential buildings.

Looking west towards Quartz and Spectra, image by Forum contributor MafaldaBoy

In the following image, Quartz's roofline rises to a peak on the south side of the building, while Spectra's slants are split, with half of the roof tilting up towards the east, and half towards the west.

Looking south towards Spectra, with Quartz behind on the left, image by Forum contributor MafaldaBoy

Spectra (left) and Quartz (right) both topped off, image by Jack Landau

Both of the buildings' peaked roofs act as a creative way to hide each tower's mechanical penthouse floors. In the image below, taken from within CityPlace's central park, Spectra's white spandrel cladding with colourful accents can be seen reaching to just below the building's mechanical levels.

Spectra's roofline, image by Jack Landau

Below, we can not only see the peaked roofline of Quartz, but also part of its HVAC system (heating, ventilation and air conditioning). The concrete and machinery seen in the image below will soon be covered in a similar white spandrel and blue glass combination as seen on the floors below.

Quartz's roofline, image by Jack Landau

Closer to ground, Spectra features a long, charcoal precast-framed podium with more of the tower's coloured accent panels.

The framed podium of Spectra, image by Forum contributor MafaldaBoy

The pair will share amenities found in a building next to the Gardiner Expressway called the Prisma Club. The club will feature a large array of the familiar recreation and entertainment amenities one would expect from a substantial condominium development, as well as some unconventional offerings like a pet spa, massage lounge, outdoor tai chi deck and a billiards room. The pool at the Prisma Club is hidden from the neighbouring highway by an eye-catching artwork by Katharine Harvey named Gardiner Streams.

The Prisma Club and Katharine Harvey's Gardiner Streams, image by Forum contributor MafaldaBoy

Additional information, including renderings and floor plans, can be found in Spectra and Quartz's dataBase files, linked below. Want to get involved in the discussion? Check out the associated Forum threads, or leave a comment in the space provided at the bottom of this page.

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