An extensive facelift of a 1970s residential rental tower continues at the corner of Church and Isabella, and construction activity is starting to heat up in stride with the weather. Owned by Mohican Holdings, the building at 66 Isabella will soon double in size thanks to a Quadrangle Architects designed 23-storey addition soon to rise along the east side of the property.

66 Isabella, image by Jack Landau

When we last looked at this project, new windows and doors were being installed on the eastern side of the building's north and south faces, re-orienting these units as their eastern exposure is becoming an internal wall. In the time since our last visit, balconies have been added to the exterior. While workers complete them, the parapet walls of the existing balconies to the west have been removed so that they can receive the same finishing treatment as the new ones, providing a seamless look for the new section.

66 Isabella, image by Jack Landau

Balcony work at 66 Isabella, image by Jack Landau

The new addition will rise on the east side of the building, up against the now sealed-off former east balconies. Excavation for the addition is nearly complete, with little material left to remove besides the temporary dirt ramp used by construction equipment.

Excavation area and east wall of 66 Isabella, image by Jack Landau

Once the addition and retrofit have been completed, the building will provide an additional 211 residential units comprised of 199 rental and 12 condominium units, as well as ground floor retail space. The existing section has 200 rental suites.

Excavation pit at 66 Isabella, image by Jack Landau

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