When we last reported on Freed Development's Thompson Residences in January, only the skeleton of the first floors of both the King Street and Stewart Street buildings were completed. Now, eight weeks later, both parts of the development have one third—five storeys—of their skeletons completed. Although still very early in its development, many of the landmark attributes that the renderings have promised are already apparent. The shifted-front door facade, designed by Montreal based Saucier + Perrotte, which brought much excitement in late 2013 is beginning to take form.

Following are photographs taken yesterday which show the project's current state of progress, in comparison with renderings of how the development will eventually look, first of the Stewart Street side.  

Stewart Street building with crane for King Street building behind, image by Craig White

Stewart Street building, image by Craig White

Stewart Street building rendering, courtesy of Freed Developments

A comparison between the photographs and the renderings clearly show that what was promised is on its way to being delivered: the bones are there! It looks promising for the building and should put a smile on the face of those who bought here (or are thinking of it!).

The other part of the Residences, the King Street building, shows the same degree of consonance between what has already been built and what is to come. 

Fish-eye Panorama of the whole King Street building, image by Craig White

King Street Building at sunset, image by Craig White

King Street building rendering, courtesy of Freed Developments

It should not be too many more months before we see more of Thompson Residences' anticipated attributes, like its rooftop skybar/lounge—with one of North America's longest infinity pools—take form. The elegantly designed living spaces and chic amenities, inspired by the neighbouring Thompson Hotel, should make Thompson Residences a highlight on the King West strip.

We will keep you updated on this development as it morphs towards its completion,  projected for late 2014. In the meantime, check out our dataBase file, linked below, for more information on the development, including several renderings. Want to get in on the conversation? Post your thoughts in one of the associated Forum threads, or leave a comment in the space provided on this page. 

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