UrbanCapital has tweeted its first rendering of the third and tallest phase of River City, the exciting residential development emerging in the formerly industrial lands along the Don River beside the Eastern Avenue and King Street overpasses.

River City's phase three is an approximately 32-storey tower on the site's southern end, image courtesy of Urban Capital

Designed by Montreal-based Saucier & Perrotte, the approximately 32-storey River City 3 takes design cues from its first phases of development. Initial renderings of the tower reveal the continued use of River City's iconic textured black metal cladding—inspired by the area's industrial past—while contributing its own distinct flavour with a series of discrete and staggered cubes reaching over Eastern Avenue and toward the initial two phases on the northern half of the site. Now being completed, phase 1 includes 6 and 16-storey buildings, while phase 2, in early stages of construction, features three 12-storey glass mini-towers connected on each floor with glass-panelled passageways. An early rendering of the first three phases is shown below, from before detailed exterior design work was completed on phase 3.

An early rendering of the completed River City site, image courtesy of Urban Capital

As the LEED Gold development continues to close the gap between the new West Don Lands neighbourhood and the existing Corktown neighbourhood, within River City, Underpass Park will close the gap between the completed phases north of the Eastern Avenue Overpass, and phase 3 and 4 to the south.  

UrbanToronto will provide updates on River City's newest phase as we obtain information about its height, number of units and amenities. More information about River City can found in UrbanToronto's dataBase listing, linked below. Have an opinion about the development and its contribution to Downtown's east end? Check out the associated forum thread or leave your thoughts in the comments section below. 

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