In yesterday’s feature on Canderel’s Aura at College Park, we answered your questions and gave you a look inside the project’s completed podium elements as well as some of the rough unfinished spaces further up the tower. High-rise condominium developments across the city all tend to boast about tremendous views in the marketing phase, and most of these promises are delivered-even if temporary. As the tallest current construction project in Canada, the views from Aura are, as expected, outstanding.

Despite fierce winds shutting down the construction hoists on the day of our visit, an internal elevator ride to the 54th floor and a few flights of stairs brought us to the eastern upper terrace on 59. Though the eastern terrace is situated just under three quarters of the way up the structure, it towers above the surrounding mid and high-rise buildings east of Yonge.

Eastern view from Aura's east upper terrace, image by Jack Landau

Sunlight on the Ashbridges Bay sewage treatment plant, image by Craig White

To the northeast, the high density communities on the eastern side of downtown are accented by late fall colours.

Close-up on Toronto Uptown and Rosedale Colours, image by Craig White

A shift to the right reveals the newly unveiled 29-storey tall mural of a phoenix symbolically rising from the ashes of 200 Wellesley, the site of a very disruptive fire in recent years.  

Closer view of 200 Wellesley, image by Jack Landau

The eastern terrace also provides an interesting vantage point on the temporary metal canopy and streetscape of Yonge Street below. Slightly offset from the street, the eastern façade of Aura creates an interesting acute angle when looking straight down.

Looking down at Yonge Street below from Aura's eastern upper terrace, image by Jack Landau

We can’t run a feature on views without including the iconic skyline of our downtown Central Business District, visible from both the eastern and western upper terraces. Dramatic lighting and moody clouds on the day of our visit made the views all the more spectacular.

Downtown skyline as seen from Aura's eastern upper terrace, image by Jack Landau

Just like the eastern terrace, the western upper terrace located 11 floors below provides an unobstructed view over the roofs of surrounding high-rises, including the first and second phase of Canderel’s Residences of College Park. 

Looking west from Aura's western upper terrace, image by Jack Landau

Looking to the north, the spine of Yonge Street leads towards the development cluster of Yonge and Bloor before continuing northbound through midtown.

North view from Aura's western upper terrace, image by Jack Landau

For construction geeks, Aura offers seemingly endless views of construction sites near and far, including the L Tower, the Ryerson Student Learning Centre and the Residences at the RCMI.

View of the Financial District with L Tower on the left, image by Jack Landau

The Ryerson Student Learning Centre, under construction at Yonge and Gould, image by Jack Landau

Residences at the RCMI as seen from Aura, image by Jack Landau

After taking in the views from the upper terraces, we can only imagine the panoramic vistas that will be waiting for future residents of the final dozen floors. Unlikely to ever be blocked by neighbouring development, the views of upper floor and penthouse residents will be hard to match for years to come.

Additional information and renderings can be found at the associated dataBase file, available below. Want to get involved in the discussion? Check out the associated Forum threads, or voice your opinion in the comments section provided at the bottom of this page.

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