As one of Toronto’s most progressive developers, TAS believes in the important role that developers play in building cities: developers not only build buildings, but they create communities. For TAS, this means connecting the various elements involved in condominium development including supporting the local economy, enhancing sustainability, and celebrating diversity in order to foster positive relationships and build cohesive communities. Their view is that every action is connected. “What starts as a building, expands into a neighbourhood and if properly fostered, evolves into a community.”

To do this, TAS relies on what they call the “Four Pillars of Sustainability” which provides a framework for the company’s decision making process through each stage of development. These consist of:

  1. Social – A commitment to initiating and fostering a positive impact on the social fibre of our local and global communities.
  2. Ecological – Respect for nature and a commitment to developing projects that help sustain our planet through a minimized ecological footprint.
  3. Cultural – Recognition and support for diverse forms of art and culture based on TAS’ commitment to innovative design.
  4. Economic – A commitment to develop the economic prosperity of the communities and neighborhoods in which we work.

TAS’s philosophy of innovative design, and social, cultural and economic cohesion is evident in their latest project, DUKE Condominiums, located in the heart of The Junction. The name itself is a reflection of its location in the community as it as an amalgamation of Dundas and Keele Streets.

DUKE Condos view from Dundas West, image courtesy of TAS

The seven storey Quadrangle Architects–designed condo will be a striking addition to the neighbourhood streetscape. The structure’s articulated white brick façade combined with the geometric patterns of the terraces and cantilevered living spaces create a dynamic, modern, yet welcoming facade.

DUKE Condos View from Indian Grove, image courtesy of TAS

The design reflects the company’s “Social” pillar as it engages with the exterior laneway through the innovative live/work units. These suites create front door access to the lane bringing in pedestrians instead of just cars and service vehicles. The live/work units will also be complemented by street level retail and townhouse-type housing, creating a pedestrian-friendly and inviting feel.

Live/Work Suite Exterior, image courtesy of TAS

Live/Work Suite Interior, image courtesy of TAS

TAS is also an active sponsor of several area activities including Junction movie nights, art and music festivals, and even mass yoga sessions to increase community interaction. Another popular TAS-sponsored event is the Junction Flea market where neighbours can interact with neighbours of many cultures, shop for antiques, and socialize while simultaneously contributing to the local economy.

DUKE Suite Kitchen, image courtesy of TAS

TAS also contributes to the local economy by sourcing the majority of interior finishes and furnishings from local trades and artisans. This includes standard finishes like engineered hardwood flooring, stone countertops, and porcelain floor and wall tiles. The units feature distinct layouts, integrated and stainless steel appliances, and open concept designs with 9 foot ceilings throughout. Other features and amenities include secure underground parking, a fully equipped gym with cardio and weight training equipment, and an entertainment space complete with balcony and barbeque.

DUKE Suite Living Room, image courtesy of TAS

As part of its Four Pillars of Sustainability TAS also encourages community participation through its ecological endeavors such as their partnership with CultivateTO – a non-profit organization with the goal of reconnecting communities with fresh, locally grown, foods in order to encourage healthy living and environmental responsibility. The partnership between TAS and CultivateTO will create green roofs throughout the city of Toronto where TAS provides the rooftop spaces, and CultivateTO supplies the gardening know-how.

Terraces with harvest planters, image courtesy of TAS

DUKE condominiums will also have its own green roof, water efficient landscaping, harvest planters on all south-facing terraces and will be built to a LEED Silver standard. Other environmentally-friendly features include Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERVs) in each suite to reduce energy demands and enhance air quality, energy efficient E-Star rated appliances, dual flush toilets and low flow shower heads, and electric vehicle-friendly parking spaces.

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