The following is the second installment on our tour of Aspen Ridge HomesScenic on Eglinton.  If you haven’t read Part 1 yet, please take a moment to check it out for a good look at the project’s interior spaces such as suites and amenities.

As mentioned in yesterday’s first installment, Scenic on Eglinton sits atop the lush West Don Valley on the edge of Leaside. While the Scenic buildings take advantage of the slope, it was the plateau up top which was used to its best advantage as the former home of the Leaside Aerodrome. High up here, the site provides a perfect lookout across a wide range of both urban and suburban landscapes… and since no UrbanToronto tour would seem complete without a trip to the top, we board the elevator on the east tower and make our way for the roof!

Scenic on Eglinton, image by Jack Landau

Leaside is an interesting neighbourhood in that several distinctly different types of land use can be found within its borders. Large swaths of industrial land reminiscent of downtown’s Portlands sit adjacent to expansive parklands with a network of ravines criss-crossing through acres of lush greenery. In addition, Leaside contains some of midtown’s most popular retail strips, serving the well-to-do demographic of the surrounding neighbourhood.

Looking west across the roof of Scenic 2, image by Jack Landau

Whether facing north, south, east or west, the views from the roof of Scenic 2 all have something unique to offer. Looking to the east, we see Eglinton Avenue leading through suburban high-tech office parks towards the high-density residential towers at Don Mills and Eglinton.

Eastern view with Eglinton Ave leading towards Don Mills, image by Jack Landau

Also visible to the east is the massive Canadian Pacific railway trestle, which runs high above E. T. Seaton Park.

Canadian Pacific railway bridge crossing E.T. Seton Park, image by Jack Landau

To the north we can see the single family homes along Rykert Crescent, surrounded by the sea of green provided by Serena Gundy and Sunnybrook Parks. Looking off towards the horizon, we see the growing spine of high-rise development along Highway 401.

Single family homes jutting out into parkland, image by Jack Landau

Looking west we see the roof of the slightly shorter Scenic 1, bordered by the relatively new townhouses which surround the development.

Roof of Scenic 1 to the west, image by Jack Landau

The southwest view is dominated by the ever-growing Toronto skyline, rising beyond a unique suburban-industrial foreground.

Toronto skyline as seen from the roof of Scenic 2, image by Jack Landau

Zooming in a bit closer, and we can clearly see two of downtown’s most ambitious under-construction projects, both easily identifiable by their prominent tower cranes– L Tower on the far left hand side, and Aura on the right hand side.

Toronto skyline as seen from the roof of Scenic 2, image by Jack Landau

One notable view made possible by our trip to the roof, is the site of Scenic’s coming third phase. The 18-storey tower is soon to rise immediately to southeast of the existing Scenic 2 along Vanderhoof Avenue. A number of piles have been driven into the ground to prepare for shoring and excavation. 

Site of future phase 3, image by Jack Landau

Rendering of Scenic on Eglinton, future 3rd phase visible on the right, image courtesy of Aspen Ridge Homes

With occupancy underway at Scenic 1 and 2, we will be sure to check back in the near future, as more details on phase 3 emerge. In the meantime, additional information including building facts, renderings and floorplans can be found at the associated dataBase page, linked below. Want to get involved in the discussion? Check out the related forum threads, or voice your opinion in the comments section provided below.