Toronto's Upper Jarvis neighbourhood is welcoming an addition to the community this June. In development since May 2011, the brand new ETFO (Elementary Teacher's Federation of Ontario) building is now complete, and will be opening its doors to staff during the next month. Located on the corner of Huntley and Isabella Streets, the four-storey structure designed by Toronto's KPMB Architects is more than just a modern and stylish work of architecture: the building also includes many sustainable and cost-efficient features, which aim to make a positive impact on the community and the environment. 

ETFO building rendered in its neighbourhood context, image courtesy of KPMB Architects

The building was specially designed to acheive LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) Platinum certificaiton, a world renowned recognition for highly environmentally friendly construction and architecture. The significance of such a building in Toronto is also expected to set the stage for future such projects in the province, challenging other architects to follow in KPMB's footsteps and design environmentally friendly buildings with lessons learned on ETFO

Completed ETFO building, image by UT Forum contributor drum118

Glass, open interior spaces which provide plenty of natural lighting, and a green roof system are just some of the key green features utilized in the building. Rainwater is captured for both landscape irrigation and toilet flushing, while the majority of the structure's heating and cooling comes from a geothermal system located deep below the building. 

ETFO greets the street, image by UT Forum contributor drum118

Heat for the building will also be harvested from rooftop solar panels, and daylight-motion sensors will adjust how much light needs to be emitted from fixtures to supplement the natural light already illuminating the majority of the building. 

ETFO main entrance canopy, image by UT Forum contributor drum118

Not only did KPMB manage to create a highly sustainable and efficient building, but they have also crafted a handsome exterior of the building. Marble paths, plentiful grand windows, and transparent canopy sporting the ETFO logo are just a few of the prominent features of the building that add to its welcoming character. 

The ETFO has stated they are proud to be a situated in such a beautifully designed building that gives back to the community and the environment, and anticipates its grand opening this coming June. For a full list of the ETFO's new environmentally friendly features, visit their official page here, leave a comment on this page, or if you would like to contribute to the discussion on this project, please visit our Forum thread here!