Condo and Office Tower developers are not the only ones reshaping our downtown core these days. One of the largest group of people that circulate through our ever intensifying core are students, and more specifically Ryerson University students. Ryerson's  student population has been increasing year over year and this urban university has been doing a lot to make space for its expanding populous including new projects like the Ryerson Student Learning Centre (seen below) located directly on Yonge Street, the soon to rise Residence at 186-188 Jarvis, and the new additions of the Ryerson Athletics Centre and The Ryerson Image Centre.

Ryerson Student Learning Centre Rendering, Image Courtesy of Ryerson University

Now Ryerson has just announced a $32 million dollar purchase of an additional two properties located in close proximity to its campus. The first is located at 202 Jarvis, a large 5,400 square metre lot which interestingly remains the only undeveloped major parcel in the Ryerson area. It lies just south of the former Sears building recently retrofitted by the Ontario Government. Until it is developed the lot will serve as student parking. The other purchase is a significantly smaller one located at 136 Dundas Street East and spans a modest 750 square-metre plot. It lies immediately south of the Merchandise Lofts building on the northwest corner of Mutual and Dundas, and currently serves as a parking lot as well.

Ryerson Residence at 186-188 Jarvis Rendering, Image Courtesy of Ryerson University

No official plans have been made for either of the property purchases, but Ryerson seems to be building a land bank before Downtown real estate prices rise further. These acquisitions fall in line with Ryerson's overall master plan whose three main goals are Urban Intensification, the Pedestrianization of the Urban Enviroment (People First), and a commitment to Design Excellence. We plan to keep you updated on any developments with these properties as Ryerson continues to assert itself as one of the foremost city-builders in the GTA.

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