Construction is underway on Westwood Condominiums by Alterra central in Etobicoke, and from the photos below you'll see that this 6-storey project designed by EI Richmond Architects is not your typical build.

The first thing you will notice in the photo below, is that no excavation was required for the building. Typically we see excavation, followed by the slow climb of the building from underground garage, to the lobby level, before things start to speed up on the typical floor above. In the case of Westwood, this building is being constructed atop a pre-existing, single-storey underground garage. The garage serves people living in Alterra's Network Lofts building, which is seen in the background of the photo. Westwood's garage will be above ground at the back of the building, lifting residential units above the adjacent rail and subway line.

Construction has started on Westwood Condominiums. Network Lofts is in the background.

The next thing that's different from your typical construction site is the type of crane Alterra decided to use.

Westwood Condominiums crane.

This is the HDT 80. This compact unit allows construction crews to cover the parking lot, because it's mobile, and can be moved around when required. Secured atop the concrete slab, this model does not need the typical concrete and rebar footing poured for larger cranes. The HDT 80 has a quick setup and was operational in one day. Something neat about this crane is that it can be operated from the cab, (the white metal cage seen near the bottom) or remotely!

Still early in the project, concrete forms for the first floor's columns are beng completed, as you will see in the next few shots.

Concrete forming at Westwood Condominiums.

Concrete forming at Westwood Condominiums.

Concrete forming at Westwood Condominiums.

The building still has a long way to go. Here's a quick peek at the finished project with a view of the forthcoming roof terrace over the parking levels.

Westwood's rooftop terrace by night, image courtesy of Alterra

We will be back for more looks at this unique boutique project as it progresses. In the meantime, visit our database listing where you can find more information and several renderings for Westwood Condominiums, with floor plans included. Want to join in the conversation? Choose one of the associated forum thread links below, or leave your comments here.

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