Here at UrbanToronto we are fortunate to get a lot of chances to check out our city's growing skyline in all its multi-faceted glory thanks to our great photographers in the Forum, but it's not very often that one of our Forum members happens to be working atop one of the city's most exciting projects and is regularly taking stunning and insightfull shots from the top. Forum member SkyJacked is just that and we thought we would take the opportunity to spotlight some of his amazing photos and give you a quick update on what exactly is going on high above the city on the L Tower.

L Tower Under Construction, image by SkyJacked

With progress moving along on the last few floors of construction, the L Tower, designed by world famous architect Daniel Libeskind and Page + Steele, now dominates the area surrounding Yonge and The Esplanade and rises 58 storeys above its neighbours. Here's a view looking west towards the CN Tower through the yellow Multiprops which are horizontally connected to towers with MRK braces.

CN Tower from the L Tower, image by SkyJacked

This shoring pattern, which is in place 17 floors below the top, serves to support the building while concrete and rebar (reinforced steel bars that the concrete drys around) are installed. Below is a shot of the top of the water tank covered in rebar 35mm in diameter.

Top of Water Tank on L Tower, image by SkyJacked

Below are some shots of the 6 x 8-metre by 35mm steel bars being woven together as well the BMU base bolts being installed.

Steel being woven together on the L Tower, image by SkyJacked

Corner of the BMU Base bolt assembly at L Tower being welded into place, image by SkyJacked

Lets now turn to one of the big heavy lifters at the L Tower, the crane, which is interestingly enough Canada's largest freestanding crane. As a part of its regular maintinance the luffing rope must be replaced when the wire grows too thin. Although this procedure is not uncommon it is still quite impressive to witness, here are a few photos.

The rope before replacement, L tower, image by SkyJacked

Preparing to install the assembley ropes, L Tower, image by SkyJacked

Pinning the second assembly rope to the A frame, L Tower, image by SkyJacked

When completed sometime in 2013 L Tower by Cityzen, Fernbrook Homes and Castlepoint will bring 600 new residential units to this terminus location. Right next to Union station and at the foot of Yonge St, L Tower with its unique design will certainly become a new landmark in our ever-evolving city. Heres' what we can expect to see when the building is completed.

L Tower Rendering, image courtesy of Cityzen, Fernbrook Homes, Castlepoint

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