Excavation is well underway at the corner of Esplanade and Front Street, home to the 36-storey condo tower, Backstage on the Esplanade, developed by the partnership of CityzenFernbrook Homes and Castlepoint Realty Partners.

New pictures of the site capture the dirt, digging and machinery in action as activity picks up speed:

Image by Red Mars

Image by drum118

Image by androiduk

Image by drum118

Image by drum118

Backstage, along with its neighbour across the street, L Tower, will be completed within the next two years. The two projects are poised to bring over 800 new residential spaces to this eclectic stretch of Esplanade.

We'll continue posting updates of Backstage and L Tower on a regular basis. In the meantime, visit the Forum threads related to these projects and read up on previous articles we've posted.  

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